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Wow, Look, Another Feedback Thread!


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I've been mashing my face into the Plains since release (when my job allows me, anyway). That means I'm getting to see everything great, and everything that's not so great. I'm gonna dump a big text wall about those things.

Pre-note: I haven't had enough of a chance to farm Teralysts yet, so I'm leaving out most of my feedback on those since I have way too little experience to speak fully on it.

The Good
1) Cetus is lively and fun as a hub world. It's finally the true MMO main city that always existed in every other RPG. I'm concerned that it'll lose that hub feel once other planets get plains-type nodes, similar to how having multiple relays splits the player count and isolates some groups from others. Other than that, it's so well designed. It's just large enough to feel sprawling, but not so large and confusing that you get lost easily. The main-street corridor really helps with this, and I hope following planets keep with a similar orientation.

2) Sound design in all of the added content is top notch. The new grineer noises are so gutteral and angry, the ships sound large and imposing, and (although repetetive) the ambient noises in Cetus make it feel like a living community.

3) ARCHWING. BOY. The new flight is like that perfect blend between experimental and non-experimental we always needed.Using left and right movement while sprinting to tilt makes everything seem so fluid, and I'm hoping that gets added to normal archwing. Check down in The Bad for the rest of my archwing feedback, because the flight method is about the only good thing right now.

4) Fishing is amazingly fun as everyone has already shown by spamming every Warframe group I'm in with fish pictures 24/7. It shouldn't be this fun, but for some reason it is. More fish feedback below as well.

5) There aren't too many new drops from enemies. Grokdrul scared the bejeezus out of me at first since I thought it would be used in everything (it kinda is), and then be impossible to find. Long story short, it's not hard to find at all, and is the only new resource that drops from enemies. Iradite is easy to pick up acidentally, as is every plant drop. The grind is crazy huge as it stands currently, but not having to continuously farm grineer for drops is a very welcome feature.

6) Using my operator is now super fluid, and I feel so much more like a souped up space kid than a decrepit emo-lord with broken knees. If we could just remove the whole fall damage thing, going into operator mode would be entirely finished and refined.

7) As they currently stand (ehehehe), standing prices are quite reasonable. The things that cost a bunch are multi-use, and the things you need to buy repeatedly are fairly cheap.

The Bad
This list is longer, but the points are less important. I just want Warframe to be the best it can be, yknow?
1) Remember how I said Cetus ambient voices and noises were good up there? They're great and at a reasonable volume, but why in the world does the cook only have one line? 

2. Archwing is currently still too expensive. Why do we have to craft the deployable multiple times (the stack is a good size at least)? Why does an enemy breathing at me pull me out of it? Why do we lose the ability to melee entirely? I get that making melee stances work in archwing would be much harder than it would be worth, but, yknow, archwings have their own melees that are already fully functional? On top of that, why does meleeing pull me out of archwing? If it's not going to be included in the archwing moveset, don't make it pull me out and waste a limited deployable. 

3) Whisps are 0 fun to farm, and we need 30 just for babby's first amp. What? something like 2 or 3 would be more reasonable.

4) Amps remind me: Why are the weapon part blueprints not reusable? Having to repeatedly buy weapon blueprints that take an hour to craft isn't enjoyable, especially considering mixing parts is supposed to be encouraged. Maybe adding either part blueprints or built parts to incursion/bounty reward tables in place of the credit caches would be a welcome change.


6) Standing caps for both Ostron and the Quills is a really irritating feature. Caps made sense for syndicates since they gave full weapons and mods that are worth a hefty amount of plat, and you also earn syndicate standing by just existing in missions with their pretty pictures on your chest. We have to actively farm PoE standing, why cap it? There isn't a daily credit or resource limit, why have one here?

7) Grineer ships are just a little too tanky. I can still shoot down the ships in bounty 5, but it takes so long (even with corrosive procs) that it's not worth it, and is quite dangerous. Is there some reason why they can't be targeted by abilities? I'm a frequent Mag user, and I was pretty sad when I saw her 2 couldn't target the ships. I know the Corpus Condors aren't able to be targeted either, but why make it that way at all?

8) Mining resources takes just long enough for too small of a reward. On top of that, crafting is a 1:1 ratio right now, 1 ore equals 1 alloy. If I need just 1 alloy, I have to farm 20 raw to end up with 19 extra. I know the ores aren't that hard to get, but with all the other things I have to do, I don't really want to spend all my time drawing on rocks for an ore that is needed for nearly everything I try to craft. 

The Focus
Splitting this one out because there's too much.
1) As I said up there, going into operator mode = smooth. Thumbs up.

2) Too many skills require the operator to hit a warframe directly with void dash. Unless my squadmates are standing still and sniping, I typically can't catch up to dash into them.

3) Don't even get me started on the skills that need void blast to hit a friendly frame.

4) Passives are implemented well for the most part. It's nice not having to wait for the circle to fill up before I can get an affinity range boost.

5) Other than my issues with the way void blast and dash need to be used, Zenurik, Unairu, Madurai, and Naramon actually seem pretty well balanced now. They all let people choose a playstyle they want, and give some pretty neat skills.

6) Vazarin got shafted. Healing requires void dash or blast, meaning it's now both single target and unreliable. It doesn't heal companions, unless I just can't hit my kavat because I suck at aiming. The insta-revives are basically useless, since there are 0 ways to get them back once they're used. The only thing it has going for it currently is the void mode protective bubble, and even then, the bubble is so short-lived and slow to expand that it's barely worth it. Zenurik's energy restore is instant, why not allow Vazarin to have the same thing for its heal/shield? Heck, why even separate the two skills? I know there are plenty of other Vazarins complaining, so that's all I'm going to add here.

The Plains are still superbly handled, and this game really shouldn't be free. I'm glad it still is, so I'll keep buying things so the super neato devs can get the payment they deserve.
Also this forum is great, my pc crashed on me a tad while I was finishing my 6th point on focus, so I had a mini-heart attack, but my wall of text survived. Pretty cool.

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