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Why is Maroos Bazaar on Mars?


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For me, it is a mastery rank issue.


People visit Maroo for two reasons only. Statues and trading.

Some newbies with low mastery rank who have not got a clan already are using the bazaar to trade.

Mars is not always easy to reach for some of MR2+.

MY guess would be, you put Maroo there is because earth is already "crammed" with Iron Wake and Cetus. But as i was getting there, Mars is not the easiest place to reach for low MR.

Maroo, Darvo and hopefully other NPCs with shady business to come would be better of in a "neutral" zone or a gray area, regarding contents.

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Earth is too crowded, and Mars is an uncrowded low-level planet that will be easy for new players to get to. The highest level mission you hit before Maroo's Bazaar is 8-10. With all of the nodes on Mercury, Venus, & Earth available to new players it's conceivable that most of them will be MR2 by the time they unlock it.

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