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Operation Sling-Stone Community Event July 26 - 29


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A good failsafe (and motivational tool) would have been after all the Fomorians were destroyed, all the ships were unlocked again for us to scavenge for parts. Basically going back to my suggestion earlier in the thread, we could repeatedly "destroy" these ships to get a 5-10% increase in resource drop rates to represent us salvaging parts from these disabled husks while giving everybody an opportunity to get their points until the deadline without needing to try to figure out exactly how many ships they would have needed to last until today at noon. It would be a decent middle ground, but I know people would still complain about the implementation in one form or another, either that they have to farm the entire weekend because otherwise they'll get out-scored or complaints to that effect. A nice touch if they did something like that in the future though, would be making all of the ships have the "on fire" effect.


I know this isn't the most well-worded idea ever, but I got up too early today so I'm not feeling particularly eloquent.


Either way, glad DE tried to do the event differently even if they didn't make the parameters clear enough for everybody to not get upset about. I had fun doing a slightly different game-mode for the weekend.

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