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Hotfix 9.3


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  • Calling all Tenno! Your help is needed July 26 until July 29 @ 12 PM EDT!


  • New Weapon: The VASTO Tenno revolver!
  • Fusion Core Bundles: 3 tiers to choose from in the Market.
  • New Ammo Mutator mods: converts unused ammo to select ammo type (Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle, Sniper, Bow).
  • Event Reward for Individuals: holographic badge in Warframe customization options.
  • Event Reward for Clans: Fomorian ship statue for clan dojo.
  • Beware! A new enemy type is patrolling the Famorian ships. The Grineer Eviscerator.
  • Ongoing Marketplace revisions
  • main page now displays 6x Featured items and 6x Most Popular items.
  • Added experimental new "Camera Controls Melee Direction" toggle to Settings screen (ON by default). When toggled off all melee attacks will be made in the direction your character is actually facing rather than using the reticle's aiming point. Toggling OFF may be preferable for players using gamepads.
  • Added Leaderboards for personal and clan stats (including event stats) to Profile screen.
  • Added mouse wheel scrolling for news/alerts/operations.


  • Continued UI re-skinning: new fonts, popups, Login UI, Market UI (now includes Popular list and separate GEAR section), Foundry UI now uses 4-row layout instead of grid.
  • Online matchmaking now favors hosts within 3 mastery ranks of player when joining a mission where multiple hosts are available.
  • Can no longer join public in-progress extermination missions once half the enemies have been eliminated.
  • Enable ground hit on enemies who have ragdolled (as opposed to only working on enemies who are "knocked down").
  • Cleaned up tutorial level with proper pathing on stairs, missing collision on meshes, and blocking volumes.
  • Orokin Loot Runs: Adjusted timings on the loot run doors to provide appropriate challenge.
  • Obstacle course: Time limit shortened, and when it expires the player is teleported to the beginning with a fail message.
  • Obstacle course: Added "cancel" pads.
  • Added access to landing area in Large Corpus Cargo room (as requested).
  • Increased difficulty (just a little) of Nightmare mode.
  • Nightmare mode storage lockers don't give ammo.
  • Ash Bladestorm ability deals increasing damage as it levels up.
  • Grineer Animations for triggering consoles with more urgency.
  • Infested Ancient Loki Switch Teleport reaction animations, Mag Crush react animations, and stealth attacks.
  • Corpus Biped animation improvements (feet, toes, ankles, firing pose).
  • Arrows now use energy colors of the Bows.
  • Energy color clamped between 25%-65% luminance, sunglasses no longer required.
  • Reduced particle fx on Torid.
  • Ensured all powersuit fx have a proper default color set, for when we add that option.
  • Orthos Prime elemental FX update.
  • Visual FX improvements in Grineer Galleon.
  • Supra emissive fade on reload.
  • Lanka, Ogris updated charged sounds.
  • Lato Vandal, Latron Prime, Lato Prime, Snipetron Vandal, Sobek updated fire sounds.
  • Better timer sound for Nightmare mode.
  • Added vocals to Infested charger.
  • Volt audio revisions on abilities.
  • General Audio revisions: stereo loops cut down to mono, low compression settings.
  • Shortened the laser impact sounds that Cropus weapons use.
  • Smaller radius on impact sounds for the Flux Rifle.
  • Mag, Nova revisions to descriptions in Marketplace. Shorter.
  • Removed French holiday color picker from Market.


  • Fixed missing exterminate level in Corpus missiondeck, affected 4 missions on star chart.
  • Fixed incorrect value in Spanish for credit bundle.
  • Fixed elevator bug in Orokin engine room.
  • Fixed Galleon connector piece that had missing gameplay.
  • Fixed Galleon Raid level reduced problem areas where players could get stuck
  • Fixed AI navigation issues in Corpus Outpost
  • Fixed (again) secondary objectives not enabling if a host migration takes place before the first objective is completed.
  • Fixed Sentinels using powers/targeting enemies during rank up challenges.
  • Fixed a potential bug where two secondary objective scripts running simultaneously could stop the other from running.
  • Fixed weapon restrictions not being applied in Nightmare mode.
  • Fixed Stealth Attack animation Glaive on Quadruped
  • Fixed reported issues with Galleon doors that pushed or moved players.
  • Fixed Ember's Backdraft helmet tinting options.
  • Fixed various collision issues in all levels.
  • Fixed stamina pickups not working on client in Obstacle Course.
  • Fixed depth bias of clan emblems so they don't interfer.
  • Fixed speed run exploit in Obstacle Course.
  • Fixed some holster positions on most Warframes.
  • Fixed reload animation blends (blend with aim idle instead of passive idle)
  • Fixed Ash Smoke Screen VFX to last as long as the ability.
  • Fixed AI weapon melee hit effect sounds.
  • Fixed broken descriptions for both melee "dual stat" mods.
  • Fixed/removed the unnecessary sounds attached to the Rolling Drones.
  • Fixed Ash's smoke screen from applying effect to clan emblem icon. Emblem now just goes invisible.
  • Fixed Lotus symbol being overlaid on the clan emblem icon from certain effects.
  • Fixed Broken item resources that were unavailable when playing in Polish.
  • Fixed stamina pickups not applying to clients when running Dojo obstacle course
  • Fixed Vortex damaging teammates if a player using Vauban casts it then disconnects
  • Fixed Infested Ancient electricity & fire death animations
  • Fixed default graphics settings not being detected/applied correctly for lower-end PCs
  • Fixed UI becoming unresponsive in the event that hosting a mission fails
  • Fixed incorrect default colors appearing after choosing to reset colors for specific weapons (e.g. Kunai)
  • Fixed number of "alert" enemies not being retained after host migration.
  • Fixed charged-melee input being ignored if held after making several normal melee attacks
  • Fixed host migrating during nightmare mode causing the mode to change
  • Fixed Rhino's iron skin effects not being removed on client
  • Fixed duplicate mods being added to player inventory after reaching 10+ waves of Defense
  • Fixed Lech Kril's hammer continuing to damage players after swing animation ends
  • Fixed Contacts List selecting wrong player if the user list refreshed after bringing up the right-click context menu
  • Fixed Bastille not affecting Grineer Seekers and Snipers, fixed damage not registering against Crewman affected by Bastille
  • Fixed Radial Disarm harming instead of disarming Grineer Elite Lancers
  • Fixed chat window disappearing after completing a mission when Global Chat option is disabled
  • Fixed issue of random loss of functionality when using Ash's Bladestorm ability.
  • Fixed being able to gain mastery rank without completing test by replaying the tutorial
  • Fixed various items not being awarded after completing alerts when language is set to Polish
  • Fixed mods purchased from the store via booster packs not displaying their fusion level on the 'results' screen.
  • Fixed multiple reported crashes.
  • Fixed some "stuck" issues relating to Ash's Bladestorm ability.
  • Fixed issue where new clans can't invite new members until the clan leader logs out and back in again.
  • Fixed various powers unintentionally affecting new Orokin Defense Avatar.
  • Fixed Infested Ancients t-posing and not ragdolling.
  • Fixed bug in Obstacle course where time limit ends while the player is falling out of bounds. Player would be teleported to the beginning by the failure condition, but teleported back to the checkpoint in the course by the out of bounds trigger.
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edit: might want to clean up the "changes portion" it is the hardest to read as some bullet points are belonging to points above/below.


Edit 2: awesome thanks for making it easier to read! :P

Edited by Zhoyzu
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"Login failed. Check your info" note that I'm 100% positive that I HAVE, in fact, entered my info properly and it was working fine just before the hotfix. I play from the direct download on the site, not steam, if that helps.

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