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the vasto is beautiful and straight up lovely to use. the new font is  a huge plus.

last but probably greatest, this non-camera oriented melee is one of the best things to happen to controller support.

keep up the good work

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Awesome update.


Love the foundry improvements but still too much grey :(


Don't like the new fonts - still to harsh compared to the previous nice smooth fonts.


  • Added experimental new "Camera Controls Melee Direction" toggle to Settings screen (ON by default). When toggled off all melee attacks will be made in the direction your character is actually facing rather than using the reticle's aiming point.
  • Toggling OFF may be preferable for players using gamepads.

Melee lunge still makes daggers, long and dual wield weapons unusable and seriously negative fun, please if you insist on keeping this make it optional as you have for the "Camera Controls Melee Direction" option.


When I heard about Warframe coming to PS4 I thought it was good news - now I see UI elements being scaled for lower resolutions making them look bad at higher resolutions and combat changes geared towards using a pad the PS4 news was bad news.

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OH GOD !!! Plz take back the color !

Wtf are this ...
Don't know the english word for "bruit" (french one). But all color are full of wrong pixel.

Make my eyes cry so much, feel this patch was build on paint.

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