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Worst Nightmare Mode (Probable Bug)


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No objective marker or minimap. Additionally, energy was siphoning off very quickly and our host had no shields. I don't know which of these was a challenge versus a bug, but something needs to fricking go.

You cannot use randomly generated maps (with multiple exits) with no objective markers. That was the longest mission I've ever been on. It wasn't worth it and it was a terrible experience. It felt punishing, not challenging.

Additionally, with the addition of anti-energy, weapon restrictions, and no-shields in the pool, you need to give us information about what we're loading into. Having no mini-map makes enemy radar worthless, anti-energy makes siphon worthless, weapon restrictions (which are a terrible idea to begin with) need to be known so we have something worth using, and finally if no-shields is intended, we need to have the option of planning for it.

Nightmare modes should be challenging, not punishing. You are doing it wrong.

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Just had the exact same combination as the poster on VOR.


NO shield at all on host (me, the loki...),

No Minimap (I was carrying enemy radar),

~1% per second energy drain,

The boss dropped ferrite and a crappy mod.


And to top it all off, one of us got killed while solving a cypher and the consoles all bugged.


Then I got killed and the game automatically used a revive for me while I was cursing the mods on voice chat.

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Same here as OP. Was in a 3 man Extermination Nightmare.

-I personally had no shields or regen capability either.

-Host took friendly fire to his shields but was able to regen them.

-3rd player had shields and was able to regen them.

-Team had Health AND Energy drain. (Energy Siphon Aura did nothing)

-Mini-map markers were all over the place, bouncing from end to end of the map.

-2 separate mobs were in the walls on different levels of the map and since no one had power, we got lucky and found an orb which was enough to use Null Stars -thankfully after running around chasing our tails, those eventually found the wall clipped mobs and killed them.

By the way. In the new event sabotage alert missions. When all 3 players insert the 3 separate Corrupters into the console, 2 players have a high chance of clipping through the floor of the map into darkness/no mans land and just do a falling loop over and over, until someone can get to extraction and end the game to where you magically teleport out and into the evac ship.

I know this is beta, but is there no in-house QA team at all? =/

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Nightmare mode is probably the worst thing added to the game in U9.


The "challenges" are just fantastic examples of fake difficulty. They might as well sent someone to your home to squirt lemon in your eyes, because that's really how the mode feels.


If they want to have nightmare mode it needs and should be composed of the following:


-New, special enemy types and compositions. These shouldn't be things like control heavy enemies that just stun the crap out of you. These should be things like commander units that use roar to buff their teammates. This doesn't mean just spawn heavy units either.


-Vastly improved AI. Not the computer is omniscient, but the enemies react better, faster, and employ new tactics to combat players.


-Different map sets



The current "challenges" have some pretty bad issues.


Timer: encourages rushing, preference over fast frames vs slower ones.


Vampire: Same as timer, punishes low hp frames, can sometimes create issues due to mob density and spawn patterns.


Low gravity: not a challenge, just a nuciance


Energy drain: abilities are a defining feature of the game and part of what makes each frame play differently. This mode leads to staleness, as only base stats matter.


No mini-map: Terrible as we're way-point dependent for navigation, we have no large map to view, and maps are random and reuse tiles.


No shields: Few frames have good ways to actually deal with it low armor frames get hurt really, really bad by this.


Weapon restriction: not fun, not particularly fair either as we're not told the restriction before hand. Have a preferred style and getting slapped with a restriction that clashes with it, is not enjoyable.


DE, you're sending a bad image with your current nightmare mode. Right now to me you're saying you're not willing to put forth the time or the effort to actually work on challenging content that requires players to use their everything at their disposal to complete the mission. Your current mode is gimmicky, unrewarding, and not enjoyable. It feels like a chore, is terribly unfair at times and still offers no improvement over the current normal mode. Take the time to code out better enemies and create a real enjoyable challenge that players will want to experience again and again. Tacking arbitrary stipulations onto normal missions, a challenging and rewarding mode does not make.

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Lol eldorel, Mercury doesn't have nightmare anymore. Gj, how's it feel to be on the bandwagon?

New nightmare can be pretty evil. I had a Fire + no shields + no radar earlier.

God help anyone who gets Vampire + No Shields.

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