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New Pluto Boss (Ambulas) Concept Art (With Abilities)


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So back in Update 6 when I began Warframe, I fought through most of the planet's bosses and the one that was very promising was the Jackal on Venus. I thought to myself, "Damn this boss was sick, I wonder what's the Pluto boss gonna be like?" Since Pluto was the hardest planet I imagined it being the most epic boss in existence, but got a black, slightly larger MOA.... Since they are redesigning bosses this might be my chance to give them ideas. 




Well here you have what you could say a 3 headed flying chicken XD

Designing it, I needed something that would strike fear into space ninjas, why not a 3 headed mechanical Kaiju? Inspired by the creature and enemy of Godzilla, Mecha King Ghidora or King Chidora along with Cyber End Dragon from Yu-Gi-oh (Random inspirations I know lol)



Primary Weapon: Is a laser pulser in the mouth of the side heads not the center. The projectiles are basically like Supra rounds, but has a small spread for a little more accuracy. There is cool down so he won't be constantly shooting for more than 7secs. The heads can fire simultaneously or independently at a single target or two targets.


Ability 1: Air Stomp

Propelled by jump jets on his back, he will jump about 20m (Ingame Meters) up and stay airborne for about 6secs then stomp onto the ground creating a large shockwave knocking back all opponents back. Anyone directly under that gets stomped on will be dealt damage in addition to knockback. He can be damaged while airborne and with sufficient damage will fall back down (Weakness is the jump jets on his back!).


Ability 2: Stasis Lock

The center head will lean forward and launch an electric echo that will randomly disable a persons energy bar preventing them from using abilities and or recharging energy for 10-15sec . It takes 3 secs to charge the ability and it can be avoided, but it has a wide spread. 


Alternative Weapon 1: Unguided Rocket

The center head will lean forward and fire a unguided rocket that fires in a straight line towards a target. It does AoE damage which is basically an Ogris projectile.  


Alternative Weapon 2: Twin Quasar

The 2 heads on the sides will simultaneously fire a laser that starts in front of them continuing 10 meters in a straight line in two different directions. The Lasers do continuous AoE damage as it moves dealing massive damage to whoever gets hit directly by it.  

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Awesome concept for both the art and the mechanics! As an old Godzilla fan I couldn't help but hear the classic King Ghidora roar when seeing the art...

Only thing to add is maybe the ability to target each head individually to temporarily disable it or something along those lines.

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I'm sorry but... MECHA KING GHIDORA has returned! (couldn't be helped).


Moving swiftly on...


It would be a nice improvement from the original model scheme. with things such as the upgrade in Vor's appearance, this is definitely something that does need to be discussed; Ambulas deserves to have it's own model.

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