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Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.9

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Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.9

General Plains of Eidolon Changes

  • All Zaw Grip and Strike blueprints are now available at Rank 1 from Hok, and all cost 1000 standing.
  • Increased the damage of all Amp Prisms and Scaffolds.
  • Reduced all instances of Amp self-damage.
  • Archwing disabler projectile no longer hit dodge-maneuvering players on explosion. 
  • Archwing disabler projectiles that target a flare have reduced explosion radius. 


  • Fixed an issue where players could trade in Brilliant Eidolon Shards for Endo. Maroo has returned from vacation and is sorry she got some tin-suits in trouble. 
  • Fixed an issue with audio stuttering out on the Plains.
  • Fixed melee stances not staying equipped on ungilded Zaws.
  • Fixed the Ceno Cuirass not having similar build requirements to the Vahd Cuirass.
  • Fixed Eidolon Lens rewards from incursions not displaying properly.
  • Fixed Pull applying damage deformers and ragdoll to some enemies it shouldn't be.
  • Fixed Nova’s Worm Hole being able to escape the outer boundaries of Cetus.
  • Fixed an issue where Fusilai would sometimes reload very slowly.
  • Fixed Archwing disabler projectiles not actually tracking countermeasure flares. 
  • Fixed Archwing disabler projectiles not being affected by bullet attractor pulls (Mag, Amesha, etc)
  • Fixed Zenurik Energizing Dash not always showing the proper value in the HUD buff when in two bubbles at once.
  • Fixed clients using Transference sometimes getting extra HUD buff icons.
  • Fixed a UI issue that occurred upon spending Focus while also redeeming Brilliant Eidolon Shards for Focus.
  • Fixed Magus and Virtuos appearing as Mods when crafted in the foundry.
  • Fixed amps built using Shwaak Prism and Shraksun Scaffold not passing through Volt’s Electric Shield.
  • Fixed Eidolon Lures having strange hitboxes until downed.
  • Fixed some leaking caused by Teralyst VFX.
  • Various localization updates.
  • Various crash fixes.


EDIT: Removed a note about amps no longer costing standing to gild. My bad!

  • Fixed Amps NOT requiring standing to gild.
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23 hours ago, [DE]Connor said:

All Zaw Grip and Strike blueprints are now available at Rank 1 from Hok, and all cost 1000 standing.

That's nice and all, but if Cetus standing still takes 1-2 hours to cap for someone of MR24, doesn't do much.

Also, if you still need to Gild a Zaw in order to put a potato in them... Yeah, not sell me on these.

EDIT: Yeah, the standing you get from everything is still hot garbage.

EDIT 2: Voltaic Boogaloo: Anyone who wants to say "Just fish during night time at the Geyser Pond for Lungfish" doesn't understand that a) I already know b) it still takes hours and c) forgets that you can only get Quill standing at night. For Clem sakes, it takes over a minute between fish spawning.

@Dreamforger: "If you already know.. how come you complain about? No I mean really, it take max 15sec between spawns (and here we are talking about more than one fish)."


@Dreamforger: If you wait 1min. you are wasting time and should have moved to another “rock” long time ago.

Name any other resource outside of PoE that can't be passively gained by doing your primary objective. The meme was that Warframe was a farming simulator. Mining and Fishing in Warframe cranked that meme to Overdrive.

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