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So I Heard Digital Extremes Killed Lucy. Everything Looks Pretty Cheap And Bland Right Now.

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No, Im just joking, but they probably hid her somewhere...Honestly, it's not cool DE! You totally trashed the energy color this time and take away the "richness" of textures and colors in them. IT FREAKIN LOOKS CHEAP AND UNSATISFYING RIGHT NOW. Bring back the coolness in energy colours, i'd rather use my sunglasses (which looks cool anyway) RATHER than poking my eyes to the disgrace of the new diminished, dull, boring energy colors. YOU NAME IT.

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Yeah my awesome cyan-blue fire looks all washed out and faded now. Definitely looked better before.


Here, here!  My awesome burning orange Tesla now looks washed out and almost salmon, I've renamed it fishy fingers for now.

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Here, here! My mag's brilliant magenta magnetism now looks really bland and boring. So much so that I stopped playing her, what was once a bright, extraordinary pink is now this wash of grey, dull orange with only a hint of pink.


Bring back the color, please. 

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