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Infested Feedback Thread


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These are SUGGESTIONS not commandments.

I have made a similar post in the past that very few people read regarding the infested, my favorite neglected faction. With two bosses and three different models the infested are by far the most neglected group of enemies in game, this is no insider secret. When I started Warframe, just after update 7, I thought the infested were amazing, they had that edgy, ravenous, scary.. thing, that gets adrenaline pumping. I also realized there was allot missing, and expected the infested would be a main focus going forward, as time progressed I kept waiting for an update that would completely retrofit the faction, adding a new, more realistic looking models for each enemy class, and unique bosses. The corpus have gained new weapons, a new boss, and the amazing looking Fusion Moa. The Grineer have been updated with three new units, new looks for older units, a remade boss, new weapons, and a whole new map set. So far? The infested have a new ancient model, and one that needs work.

Here are my suggestions: Dedicate an update to the infested! So these guys can be brought into present day Warframe.

Put an equal amount of effort and thought into the three factions, so the infested don't get left behind time and time again.

Make alternate features or types of units, for instance three looks for runners, or randomized differences between each.

Make new models for the few existing units.

Go big or go home. The current take on infested is that the disease randomly transforms organisms into hunks of flesh, yet there is only one model for each unit, they can't all randomly transform into the exact same thing. Either make the mutations more randomized, yes that does require work, or make a single model for each unit, that doesn't look random, so that the infested (who indeed think) consciously make the decision to have certain types of swarm lings. In order to make the one model per unit system work there would need to be a refocusing of what the infested look like, perhaps symmetrical beasts, mutated by the swarm to each serve a purpose in battle. This would create more cohesive bad a** looking enemies. Instead of a degenerative hunk of meat that shouldn't be able to walk, yet having reasonable stats and unrealistic abilities. If the infested are smart enough to talk and have a mastery over hijacking and altering flesh and technology, they should be able to make more warrior like alien looking designs, this would solve the problem of random yet identical units, and they would hopefully look cooler. I imagine unrestrained warrior-beast designs serving and protecting the infestation with infused technology, a faction that people won't laugh at.

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