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Severe Fps Issues Even Outside Of Warframe


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Whenever i start Warframe after the most recent patch where they introduced the community event, There was a massive drop in my fps and computer performance, i am barely able to move my mouse 1cm to the right every 15 seconds or so.


I don't know how to word my problem in the correct manner but if someone recognizes my problem i would really appreciate solutions about it. As of now, i cant excess warframe w/o having to shut down my computer abruptly and restart.


Thanks for your time and effort reading this :D

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Im playing on my laptop currently and i am not quite sure what exact specs i should type here (lolol i suck with computers).

Processor: Intel® Core i7-2670QM CPU @ 2.20GHz
RAM: 8,00GB

Radeon HD 6490M

Are these the infomation you were looking for ? sorry i'm not very experienced in this T-T.

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i resloved this issue by reinstalling the game via steam now. I dont know what caused the problem in the first place but it seemed like before Warframe was using 100% of my laptops physical memory ( dont know what that means hahaha ).

its working fine now, thanks for your replies stealthcl0wn :)

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