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Vauban Griefing


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Had this happen two times now while running missions on the Fomorian ships.

Narrow hallway is loaded with Bounce pads 360 degrees around the hall. It seems it can cause crashes if it chains enough in a second.

Been crashed twice so far and I'm beginning to distrust Vauban players.

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I am about to get Vauban, so what if he does it, it's just a game.

Running into people who intentionally grief and make you crash every mission.

Missing out on that helmet blueprint you've been farming for X time because someone accidentally or intentionally caused you to crash.

It may "just be a game", but we don't play a game to be crashed by someone else's actions.

It's a bug that causes people to crash and it can prevent playing the game. Just like when Sound Quake could crash yourself.

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I play as Vauban. I die a little inside to see my Vauban brothers giving in to their inner evil.

I generally play as one too. Wasn't even aware this could happen until just today. It may be limited to Fomorian ships, I've not tested else where.

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