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Seer Pistol Shot Gap


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for me it has too uniform gap ... 

and sound should be more stronger 

If your talking about using Multi shot and having the bullets next to each other it is because the game use two values for accuracy. When you shot a seer with the aim Key It has [0.00,12.00] if you hip shot it has [6.0,18.00]. All guns are like this and it only visible on bows and seer because the laser weapon are very inaccurate and the hit scan weapon are too fast to notice.

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What i mean by that  is

that pulling trigger is too mechanical ...  123 shot 123 shot 123 shot  ....    


no biological entity is capable to such preciseness


it just feel too programmed for me 

... What? So the gun shoots at a regular interval and that's an issue?

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yep  ....  



too regular  intervals for me ... exactly what i had in mind  

Use the gorgon because the wind up time on it is as close to random as you will get in this game. It wouldn't make sense at all for a sniper weapon to have a variable fire rate.

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