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20Th Century Weaponry Influenced Frame?


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I was playing through a defense mission and started thinking about the possibility of a 20th century inspired frame. I have no idea on how to balance it or make it work correctly with the story but I would expect the tech of any age to draw from previous ages. Anyway, if I have not lost you I will go into some of the abilities:


Large Caliber: Fires a large caliber round that pierces through targets dealing damage. (Small diameter but high potential for packs that are lined up)


Cluster Mines: Throw a grenade similar in travel speed to Vauban that deploys a circular mine field that slows and deals damage when triggered.


Suck it up: Berate your allies to take hits like a champ causing them and yourself (could not let them see you cry about it) to take a flat damage reduction. 


Air Burst: Expels explosive gasses that slowly disperse. The more the gas disperses the less the damage but the larger the area. Works by holding the ability down and releasing when ready to ignite. I also thought about it dropping a box/canister that explodes when shot. This way you can chain the burst to cover large areas.


Heavy Armor: Covers the frame is a shell that increases armor by a large amount for a short time but inhibits the frame from sprinting. 


Stem shot: Enhances allies with increased stamina for a short period of time. 


Last Resort: After using all ammo in a magazine instead of reloading you Charge to the target and attack with your melee weapon for a set amount of damage


Dual Burst Grenade: Throw a grenade that explodes and covers all surrounding enemies in an armed explosive that will explode after 3 seconds dealing damage to all enemies in the area. 


Concussion Blast: create a wave like blast in one direction that staggers all enemies and stuns them for a short time. 


With that, I have pretty much run out of ideas on abilities. They are really just starting points because I am no game designer and likely made many mistakes as far as balance and entertainment factor. Hopefully someone gets the just of it and carries the idea from here. Thanks for reading this far and sorry if this is in the wrong area. =(







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