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Inconsistent Stats In Mods Screens


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The number of mods possessed, the number of duplicates, and the collection rating are all inconsistent depending on which screen you're in (Arsenal > Mods, Arsenal > Primary > Mods, Arsenal > Sentinel > Sentinel Weapon > Mods, etc.), and the true values of these stats are never displayed unless you've unequipped all your mods from every single weapon and warframe.


For example, in my Arsenal > Mods screen, these values show as 111 mods, 6 duplicates, and a rating of 37161. However, there's more than twice the rating hidden away in all my equipped items - after crunching the numbers, I find that I actually have totals of 160 mods, 11 duplicates, and a rating of 79065.


I don't see what the big deal is about displaying ALL mods in the general mods screen regardless of what item they're equipped on. We already have emblems displaying on equipped mods, in addition to equipped mods being displayed in full color, but it's kind of pointless if you can only ever see the equipped mods from one item at a time. Any item that's equipped should simply have a small expanded spot below it that displays the name of the item it's equipped on.


This would simplify the UI because every single mod screen would be the same and have the same items. Currently, if I want to fuse mods equipped on seven different item types (Warframe, Rifle, Shotgun, Secondary, Melee, Sentinel, Sentinel Weapon), I have to go around to seven different mod screens, even switching out one weapon. The problem compounds for still more advanced players who may have multiple warframes with mods equipped, ready for hot-swapping.


Bottom line, every mod screen should display every single mod in my possession, so that there is only one place I need to go to fuse any of my equipped mods.

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