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Assasination Alert On Venus


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....is for Captain Vor.


Went in, and got all the usual Captain Vor dialogue, along with his taunts (but no picture of his face and no dialogue on-screen).


Got to him, he said all of his usual stuff, but...


He was a red grineer electroprod (that's what his name was, "Grineer Electroprod").


He still said his usual Captain Vor voice-overs that they added in U9.


Upon killing him, he dropped a Cronus Blueprint, a Seer Blueprint, a Mod, and Circuits.


So, not sure if that is a bug or not, but.... yaaay, Seer Blueprint. It was the last item I needed for Seer!


Never saw a boss drop two blueprints before......

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Boss alerts have rarely worked as intended.

Alert golem, normal ancient

Alert Jackal, named vor and if high level takes for freaking ever to kill. One shot body, one shot leg, one shot body, one shot leg. Ad nauseam.

Alert Sargas Ruk named Vor, actually rather status quo.

Vor, just being old Vor.

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That was Vor before he got his hands on Orokin Tech.


I know what old Vor looked like, was just curious as to why alerts are using the old model.


Oh and he appeared to be regenerating HP too for some weird reason, even though I was spamming Hikou at him.


I probably dumped like 180 or so Hikou into a Lv18 Vor. His shields were regenerating as fast as Vay Hek's, and I had to roll away from him, when I re-acquired the target, his HP was full again when I had him down to half.


Thankfully he didn't do THAT again, but then if he had, I still had my overpowered Sobek at the ready.


Dunno what was up with his odd regen, maybe it had something to do with New Vor's coding messing with the old Vor?


EDIT: BTW, the mission preview showed Ambulas. I was like "wtf? I thought this was Grineer..." and then I was like "Oh God I'm gonna diiiiiiieeeeeeeeee" because I had like Lv20 Mag with nothing but Vitality and Redirection, along with her powers. Then I jump in and Lotus goes "Captain Vor has been living under suspicion" and I'm like "OH THANK GOD... its Vor haha."


They REALLY need to work on Alert Previews not working right. They are almost always screwed up.

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