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Fomorian Mission: Post-Extraction Blackscreen


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After the extraction and rewards screen, instead of being transported back to the main menu, I was stuck in a black screen instead. 


Some Notes: 


- I could still fire my primary weapon, which ran out of ammo in the mission. 

- I could still type. 

- After a certain period of time, my character would die and the revive screen would appear. Repeats. 

- Could not abort mission. Received a message about not being able to abort since the mission has already finished. 

- One member of our three man squad was not at the extraction point. 

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This happens to me all the time as well, except it kicks me back to the main menu after a couple of minutes.  It is seriously annoying, since it happens almost every time I try to run with clan-mates in a Fomorian mission.  Hopefully it will get fixed tomorrow. 

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