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Crash Error Reporting


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Ok so due to the hotfix a lot of us are crashing, I just crashed upon loading into Xini. Now, when Warframe crashes it comes up with the Crash Error Reporter so you hit next, type in what happens and then it submits the comment. What then?


You hit next.


It says the Connection Failed. Wait what? But it just told me it sent the error, why is it saying it failed?


I don't know mysterious questioner, but perhaps it can be fixed so that the error is actually sent with a notice  saying that it was actually sent.

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I also seem to be crashing every time I join a group mission and action starts.


It seems to be fine until stuff starts happening.


I'm able to solo but group missions crash about 15 seconds after action starts (or in about 15 seconds if I join in action is already going)

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