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Gameplay Experience 27-Jul-2013 (Hotfix 9.3.2)


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- Random Disconnects after joining games, regardless of any mission




- Mimas: Containers facing the window

- Narcissus: Players die on crypod, cannot be revived. Even standing on the crypod doesn't allow you to revive other players.





Feel free to add on, thanks.



note: Just b/c previous issues known are not on this post, does not mean they're fixed.

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this is more of a minor thing but now when using mag and trinity (only frames i have but it may effect others) when i use an ability it says i use 100 power, not the actual drained amount but the little pop up around the character. this was simply a bit confusing and watnot since it had me believeing every one of trinity's abilities needed 100 power while using them actually only drained the proper amount for that teir power.

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I frequently experience game crashes with the new hot fix. I have sent a report to DE using the support ticket system. I recommend doing the same. You should however include your EE.log file (user/username/app data/local/warframe) (you need to select 'view hidden files and folders' to see the App Data folder.

You should also include your dxdiag file. (Start, run, dxdiag.exe) (windows 8: search apps (side bar), type dxdiag.exe, click dxdiag.exe icon) then at the bottom of this window is save all (or something similar). Copy both of these files into the ticket to save both you an DE time when processing the ticket, this should help them to get to the bottom of this faster.

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