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World Map Missing


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anyone else encounter this problem?

I am not too clear on the steps, but it is frequent enough to me.

when i accept a mission, and then while waiting, i would "Esc" to disconnect the mission, since noone else is there to take part.

I would be returned to the world map, but all the world names will be missing/invisible.

Next, selecting on an alert mission, or clicking onto any planet system, the location maps are missing/invisible themselves too.

moving the mouse around on screen to search for the planetary map points, i can hear the sound if the mouse-over is on top of a valid map point.

logging out and in is does not fix it.

however, it is not permanent while still logged in, after some time or something, the map info would be okay again.

I first encountered this problem in game yesterday, after update from 9.2.2 to 9.3.1.

not on the latest hot fix, i am still getting this..

rather irritating no able to see the planetary info.

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It almost sounds like it a graphical render problem hows your rig? What graphic card/cpu do you have, Hows the machines internal temp?

i have checked my card temperature and CPU too .. no issues.

it's not a crash so i dun think its anything to do with temperature.

also, just realised i posted this in the wrong forum. should have been in general bugs forum.

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