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Post Mission Evaluation


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It's good that the resources now show in the post mission evaluation, but while some items show the number of items in the upper right corner, some items have the number in parentheses after the name and it's quite hard to read.


Also mods still have no numbers at all and there's no scrolling feature so if you get more than 10 different things you really don't know what you got.

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scrolling would be nice.

Or maybe some kind of expandable results menu that gives you a compressed overview (with scroll bars) by default, and a more comprehensive results screen on command. Nothing too info dense though; you do only have 10 seconds on that screen. just an "expand button" on the side. 

When clicked it shows thinks like exp gained per weapon (normal and bonus separately, and a total), number kills per weapon, big expanded window of everything you picked up (if it takes more than half the screen, could have scrollbar), things like that.

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