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Suggestion For Bow Mechanics


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I know many things have probably been suggested for bows and know there are probably threads out there (I can't find them), but my suggestion for bows is to:


1. Increase charge speed.


Hard to use Bows as a primary weapon because their dps compared to everything else is so low. Think it was a level 4x Ancient Infested, took me 3 fully charged shots (I have Dread: rank 5 serration, maxed all elemental mods, including AP, and max Split Chamber (this is all in terms of damage)) to kill it. I can one shot Ancient Infested with Orthos charged attack or kill it with Despair in 1 to 2 seconds.


I can wipe 7-8+ enemies with slide attack from Orthos in under 2 seconds. Higher level enemies, Thunderbolt will not kill. So that's 7-8+ enemies I need to individually pick off or hope for 2-3 Thunderbolts to proc to wipe them.


In other words, Bow is really bad to use against heavies/bosses or just to pick of enemies quickly because the time it takes to get off a fully charged shot is too long.


To tie this into my next point..


2. Have another mod other than Thunderbolt to deal with multiple enemies.


I won't say just buff Thunderbolt because having another style of using bow might attract more people to use them.


My suggestion for mods are


I. A bow specific multi-shot mod that shoots a spread of arrows. Sounds bad in terms of sniping but it allows the bow to more quickly (and more safely) deal with a group of enemies close by.


II. Allow puncture to work for bows so they can more effectively shoot down a line of enemies. (I wouldn't allow puncture and the suggested bow specific multi-shot mod to be equipped together because then that just becomes really OP.)


I know I've really only compared bow to a melee weapon but I'm sure other people could easily think of guns that are far more efficient in killing multiple enemies or enemies with large amounts of health/armor.

I also know Bow were really intended to be used for sniping/stealth but many people want to use it for more than just that and as Bows are now they really can't be used for more than just sniping/stealth.


I think this would allow people to feel that could use more options for primary weapons without feeling like they're useless thus allowing them to more fully enjoy the game.

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I would like to see Thunderbolt like elemental AoE Mods, with higher "explosion" proc chance at max rank, rather than multi arrow. 


Mods that add not only elemental damage to each shot but also have AoE effect on proc.


Freeze: slowing and shield damage

Fire:      fire damage

Electric: electric damage and stagger effect for very short time

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I do agree with this. The charge time really needs a rebuff. In all honesty if they came out with a couple more mods that are Bow exclusive I would purchase or farm them. Something like:


Quick Charge:

Unranked: +5% Charge speed


Another would be a bow variant for Killing Blow and a quicker load rate for it. Maybe increase damage for all bows as well because they are sub-par to other weaponry.

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