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I Really Like This Event


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So far, this event seems to be something very very enjoyable and that makes me happy.  DE, you seem to have learned from the mistakes of the first events and now, we've got something that is actually quite nice.  The event doesn't encourage you to just bash your head against the wall on the same levels for the whole event.  You face two different races across the whole system.  Conveniently, you could even use this to farm resources from wherever you please.


Also, unlike the Informant event, you are very much encouraged to work together.  Last night, I had four straight 10 point runs because we'd coordinated beforehand.  It doesn't force you into solo, but if you want to go solo, you can (I haven't tried it, but given how short the duration of defense is for just a stable, it ought to not be too hard if you take Frost).


The event rewards effort rather than just a "the very best players will get x and everyone else gets y" or where it was with the Fusion MOA event where it was just "kill one thing for the full reward."


Last, the event has risk/reward.  You can get some interesting rewards: ammo conversion mods.  At the same time though, if we lose, farming is about to get a whole lot harder for a while.  We've been asking for punishment if we fail, and did you ever come up with one lol.  You get rewarded at a rate related to your effort.


Overall, I really like the event and I believe it is the best so far.

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