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Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.1.2

Message added by [DE]Danielle

Hey Tenno - Seems we've run into some "Network not responding" issues post-hotfix. We're aware and are working on resolving the issue. 

Thank you for your patience! 

6:55 PM ET Update:
"Network not responding" issues have been resolved! You may log back into Warframe now :) 

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What is the point of staying in the mission when the hotfix is deploying? I lost all rewards I got regardless of staying in the mission or not. Love wasting my Radiant relics..


Edit: And servers are broken yet again. Why is this an issue every single patch as of lately? 

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Sucks when you hotfix during night time, specially when login servers get broken.

Still no fixes for:

1- Sometimes, when you go out of town, the bounty objectives don't start.
2- Sometimes, when you complete a bounty objective, the next one doesn't start.
3- Vacuum doesn't work with cores and eidolon (considering how often cores get stuck under the floor, they should be vacuumed).
4- When you reenter cetus, weapons that gained levels during the mission show as "unranked" on mission results screen and as previous level on top of "escape HUD".
5- Sometimes HUD, or part of it, disappears when you enter the plains.
6- Almost everytime i get a new bounty it bugs, showing the latest one. Need to drop it and get again to work.
7- Sometimes there are 2 objectives on the map at the same time for the same bounty part (got it in vault bugged thing, liberate the camp, kill the commander and escort the drone so far). Also if you complete twice the same objective, it counts 2 times towards bounty progression.
8- Sometimes the objective icon stays on lag portal (aka Cetus entrance).
9- Sometimes people that are not in your group randomly appear on your chat (this is actually fun, so you can fix this for last).
10- Sometimes, during the trully boring "liberate the camp" mission, after you clear the area you don't get the counter - mission progression still shows as "clear all hostiles" instead of "secure the area", eventhough you can progress the mission normally. Also happens in the vault quest, where it stucks with "insert the datamass" text.
11- Sometimes when the annoying drone reaches its final location, nothing happens, stopping bounty progression.
12- Sometimes the mission fails even before (!!!!!) leaving Cetus.

14- Norg and cuthol baits are broken, fishing hotspots duration is reduced by a lot and they seem to be appearing less often.


Also we need:
1- Option to enable/disable experimental flight mode on the plains (and averywhere else) so we can use the epileptic-friendly version.
2- Vote to kick option for all those leechers 
3- Marks on map for sentient cores/eidolon pieces (can't be that hard)
4- Decent reward tables ("begginers don't have those" is not an excuse, they can get the mods from normal drops all the time). Clean the common mods and credits from the tables.
5- Greater Lenses back on sorties (really? now that they have some use you remove them in exchange for a handful of kuva?)
6- Focus 3.0 (sorry, 2.0 sucks)
7- Reduction of PoE defense timers (3/2.5 min is nonsense for a single part of a 3-5 steps bounty) and all waiting times in general (finish a part of the bonuty, immediately starts next).
8- Options to order loadouts by alphabetical order, most used and most recent

9- A complete revamp on market, things are hard to find if you don't know their name. We also need a "new" session and a "limited time" session. Foundry also needs a revamp (new tabs, such as minerals, baits, etc.)

10- Maybe a "house" (base, cave, whatever) on Cetus (ship is too small to all the cool fish/noggles/sculptures/caged animals/etc.). Also I make this guy's words my own. Orbiter dock is an awesome idea.


I want this not just for decoration and what not but as an alternative to going back to cetus then back to the orbiter than back to cetus to pick up a new bounty then back to plains and rinse/repeat. And having a small solo instance as an option to exit and enter the map through will cut down heavily on load in/out times.

A home base that we can have our orbiter dock to to give us access to it and more room to place objects, and pick up bounties remotely would be nice for plains in general.

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1 minute ago, ACorpse said:

Is that the one that gives the distance to the next door instead of to the waypoint, meaning you can't tell if an ally is downed 50 or 500m away?

'cos that is IRRITATING AS HECK!

Pretty sure he meant the double waypoint with operator. It was useful and didn't harm anyone really. If you ask me it was a nice feature.

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when are we getting a profile update or codex update that shows you mastery mastered for zaws and amps? it would be really nice as right now i have all 6 strikes leveled and all 3 prism's level but now im going back through all the grips as im missing 6k mastery affinity compared to another player who on profile is missing the same weapons as me 

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Still waiting for "Abandoned Objective" fail condition to be removed entirely. It happens when entering an objective with Itzal's 1 or void dash. It serves no purpose other than to cause undeserved bounty fails.

Also waiting for bounty rotation B to be release with the rest of the set mods and furax wraith part to be obtainable. Why is it being withheld?

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7 minutes ago, [DE]Danielle said:

Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.1.2


SIGMA & OCTANTIS - Day 700 Daily Tribute Milestone Sword and Shield

Deadly slashes from the Sigma sword are matched only by the force of the Octantis shield when thrown via air melee attacks. Enemies hit by the Octantis are also stunned for a short period of time, leaving them open to finisher attacks.


  • Fixed host migration restarting the last stage of a Bounty to a broken state when the Bounty was already completed during that session. 
  • Fixed chat-linking not working for the Kinetic Diversion, Target Acquired and Spring-Loaded Blade mods. 
  • Fixed several fish spawning and despawning issues including retreating fish completely stopping before despawning. They should now keep swimming as intended. 
  • Fixed various fish moving but lacking animation when doing so, and also repaired some with broken animations. 
  • Fixed Transports having two entries in the Codex.
  • Fixed multiple Nightwatch Enemy Codex entries with incorrect weapons and placeholder text for descriptions.  
  • Fixed an unintended issue where players could pick up Eidolon Shards after joining in-progress missions where the Teralyst had already been killed. 
  • Fixed an issue where Brilliant Eidolon Shards were not properly accounted for in the Focus Conversion screen after used to unlock Way-Bound nodes. 
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to fish in the body of water in Cetus. 
  • Fixed a rare crash that would occur when transitioning from Cetus to the Plains, and another when transitioning from the Plains to Cetus. 
  • Fixed the Esc menu and the tutorial popups in Vor’s Prize appearing stretched in non-standard aspect ratios.
  • Fixed certain Ostron dialogue not playing when it should. 
  • Fixed the material of Valkyr’s Delusion Tennogen Skin incorrectly applying when toggling on the Prime details for Valkyr Prime in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed Clients hearing Operator footstep sound FX playing after quickly switching from Operator to Warframe. 
  • Fixed long Zaw Grips having similar range to one-handed weapons even though they are physically longer than some other long weapons. 
  • Fixed Clients not gaining energy from Void Dashing through enemies as your Operator. 

you forgot "fixed bug that allowed players to log on"

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