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Reviving A Hostage Freezes Hud


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Well, I just tried to do a Rescue mission and Eris. I went along as I usually would and noticed that the hostage got downed. I revived him and suddenly, my whole HUD, including the minimap, health bars and status of my warframe completely froze and refused to update.Thankfully, the pause screen could still appear and I aborted the mission. Has anyone else experienced this problem in the current version of Warframe?


Edit: I apologize if there is already a topic that expresses the same concern due to my lack of effort towards searching this area. However, this bug has made Warframe a bit less fun to play and I love to see if it could be fixed soon.

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It is rather annoying having to go through a level without any idea where you're going or what your health and ammo status is. This never happened to me before Update 9 though, so it might be something to do with that. Otherwise, I hope it isn't too hard to fix. Doesn't really seem like it would be, but I'm not a game developer, so I have no idea.

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