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"could Not Queue For Destruction." Dojo Error


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This was also posted here: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/81094-node-destruction-error-message/


This has been occurring since Update 9, and as a result of it my clan has been unable to get back pre-update 9 material costs for two rooms, nor built our dojo layout we designed. One of the cross connectors in our dojo is unable to be destroyed. Whenever we go to destroy it, regardless of who is hosting the dojo, who is in the dojo, and who is trying to destroy it, we get a "Could not queue for destruction." error message. 



This error is also blocking our ability to destroy another cross connector which has a reactor on it, since the energy cost would for destroying the reactor would put us into the negative. We could just build a reactor on the broken cross connector to remedy this, but then there's still issue of destroying the cross connector in the first place. It hasn't been fixed yet, so I assume the developers either have it on the backburner or don't know about it. This is really messing up our dojo, and I know it's messing up other's as well, so hopefully it will be fixed soon. 

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