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Coming Soon: Devstream #100!

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Is there a chance we could make operators even more combat focused? i think i heard something around about the focus schools acting as a short of class system that RNGs would have so, could we have out operators use weapons too? like naramon would have sentient duel daggers, vazarin would have a staff that heals or something like that and unairu would have a sword and shield. everything would be sentient or orokin. 

Also any word for more operator hairstyles? or perhaps 2 attachments per operator? i would like to not remain an overly happy emo teenager forever. *i know some people actually do use others but come on we have like 8 hairstyles* :satisfied:

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With Hok Released what would be the next step in Zaw manufactering? Dual Swords? Great weapons? Sword&Shield?

With the Plains released are more Open World Setting's coming after the one based on Venus though i heard it was venus from Rumors with venus we got  Grineer and Corpus on a Open Field Setting From what i saw in the Nidus Quest there was a Group of People living among infested could this be expanded on?

Us Tenno are as DESteve (i think it was Steve) said Space Ninja's  are there in the Same Sense Space Pirate's/Scavengers? Hosted in a Salvaged Orokin Luxury Space Ship that was converted to a Mobile Safe haven for pirate's with 4 Pirate Crew's in charge of operations on the Ship with Duties ranging from keeping the ship in working order, keeping order, Crisis management  and Dealing with Offensive Movements from the Grineer and Corpus and with us Tenno Coming in contact with the Pirate's when the Tenno are sent to Retrieve Information on a Certain Orokin Artefact on a Corpus Based Station upon Landing Lotus Informs that Scans show the Base Is Under Attack from Unkown Elements who we encounter upon reaching the Vault with A Pirate Lord Greeting us with A Flash bomb that Blinds us and he Runs away with Ordis unable to chase him as Corpus Reinforments arive in the System But Ordis was able to Trace the Lord's Movement to what is recorded as the DeadLands a Zone of Space where Ion Storms run rampant making Travel there Dangerous



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So I know this probably isn't a popular question, but is there any way we could start to get some standardization with what weapons and warframes use for "primary", "secondary", and accent colors with regards to fashionframe? It generally feels like the color designations are purely random and don't really correspond with what should be the "primary" color of an item or even a metal accent for example.

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How long for Braton and Lato vandal to finally return?

It's been over a year since it was addressed by the team and still no further news

Similar question for primed chamber which was stated to not be an exclusive mod, was supposedly being re released when the time was right (snipers have had 2 reworks since then) and it's price in market is already prohibitive and keeps rising over time.

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2 questions for Steve, if possible:

-Have you had time to explore the inclusion of new Antialiasing methods?

-Can we get a separate slider for the Chromatic Aberration thing in the plains of Eidolon please? I like to keep my DoF and Motion Blur enabled :P

Also, one note to you guys: Congratulations! I've been watching these streams since around the release Update 10 (I believe it was Devstream 13? IDK right now, you showed Nekros and playing against Lephantis (then J-2000 golem)) and I'm so happy to see where you guys are now! I think I have not missed more than 5 of these streams in total since then neither. Right now it's hard to imagine what I'd be doing every 2 Fridays afternoon :P For more and more devstreams and updates, salut! :D

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1 minute ago, Roflchoptreh said:

So I know this probably isn't a popular question, but is there any way we could start to get some standardization with what weapons and warframes use for "primary", "secondary", and accent colors with regards to fashionframe? It generally feels like the color designations are purely random and don't really correspond with what should be the "primary" color of an item or even a metal accent for example.

Example of this includes the base Braton, where #2 seems the primary portion of the weapon to color, but it also colors the metal ridge on top?

Just... why?  Why connect the two?

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Biggest question for me is: Where is the Prime love for Archwing, Sentinels, Companions, Ships and now Tenno?

Secondly: PoE is AWESOME, but I still find it easier to take new Frames/Weapons/Etc to Defense/Survival missions to level them. Not asking for a way to super boost everything, but once you get a little ways out into the Plains you are constantly swarmed by enemies and bombarded with rockets, making it very difficult for low level items to be used. Anything before that point is MEH for Affinity gain for equipment.

Lastly: I know this is a REALLY big ask, BUT, do you think it's possible to add the "TennoGen" idea, as a lab to the Dojo and/or Relays? By this I mean, a place where people can go to bring their customizing ideas to life, have it viewed by other players, and voted on to possibly get added into game? There are a lot of people that have really great ideas, but lack the editing knowledge to bring the ideas to life. Finding some way to bring it into the game for everyone to have a chance, in my opinion,would  attract a LOT of attention. I mean who doesn't enjoy a good customization?!


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Some questions:

Beam weapons
Can we please have some words about the beam/continuous type of weapons? They currently feel very underwhelming to use. I would love to see such weapons deal less damage but much faster. (Instead of one damage tick per second multiple smaller ticks within that same second.) Maybe consider doing damage per unit of ammo consumed instead of damage per second?

Shield Gating

Anything about the Shield Gating? I understand that Plains took a lot of the time but I would like to hear at least something about it.

Solo Extract in other missions

After adding personal extraction to Plains is there any chance you can add this to the Endless type of missions? It is often extremely annoying and frustrating when you need to go but other players think otherwise. There are at least a dozen of topics regarding this question.

Zaw reach

In my opinion, Zaws are mediocre at best but they serve their purpose. I never expected to slap a top notch weapon there. But please WHY all of the Zaws have only 2m reach? Even the 2 handed weapons most notably Polearms. Can you please address this?



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Do you guys ever intend to add an alternative route to obtain login rewards? As it stands now they are INCREDIBLY daunting to new players, and tying GOOD, non cosmetic features behind a timegate is an in my opinion bad move for the longevity of the game.


The game as it stands is very punishing for newer players, but this is one minor thing that can be changed to drastically improve the new player experience.

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Some questions looking forward to get answered:

1. I'm pretty sure you agree that fashion frame is end-game but the current arcane system disagrees by forcing us to equip a very specific set of cosmetics or deal with the hassle of reinstalling them every single time.
Please, there are so many cool looking cosmetics in this game...
At least allow us to fully utilize them and the arcanes on the go by providing dedicated arcane slots on the arsenal per frame?

2. I'm really curious (and with no sarcasm), about your thoughts on the community's reaction to Nova Asuri and this Ember "deluxe" skin.
I'm pretty sure feedback were given the first time it was teased. What happened?

3. Looking at the statistics of frame usage. Would you be able to tell us the next ones set to be reworked?


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Hydroid Trailer when? New Prime who?
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I don't think all of Inaros' skills are used equally, namely his second, third, and passive. First change for his second would be that the specter should be able to form even if the affected enemy isn't killed by devouring. Second, the specter's duration should be based off of ability duration, not the time it was consumed for until it died. I feel like I don't use his 2 enough because although devouring heals, there are much faster ways of healing, like finishers or his 4th. Also, the specter doesn't last long enough unless you take a long time devouring the enemy, but making the player stand still for a long time isn't very complementary to Warframe's core gameplay.

Now onto his third, Sandstorm. Maybe it could be changed to an AOE cast that covers an area in a non-damaging sandstorm that slightly slows and reduces accuracy for enemies? The augment could be that it makes allies invisible while inside it. I think that this could make the ability useful while also fitting in with his lore, where it says he created a sandstorm  to protect colonists.

Finally, his passive: the drain should be a percent health damage. This passive only feels slightly helpful at low levels, but those are the missions where Inaros shouldn't even be getting downed.

Two more questions: will Inaros be getting a deluxe skin any time soon? Also, are there any concepts for new Warframes ready to be shared?

I love you guys and appreciate the game you've built over these years. Warframe is my favorite game of all time and I'm so happy it's in the hands of great developers! I give a sincere congratulations on the longevity of your game and the achievement of Devstream #100!

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Some more suggestions
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Are there any plans as to when we will be able to do more of the secondary/melee combinations for sword dagers and gun blades like in the dev stream where you revealed it using the gazal machette, how soon till we can even use such a combination with the gunblades?

Do you have plans to introduce any more gunblades into the game in any future updates?

Will we ever be able to have a quest where we can get our own hyena or bursa companion to run alongside our tenno in the plains?

Has there been and thoughts about making a syndicate companion that we can use to equip some of our weapons we own but with slightly reduced stats that can fight along side us like the setinels.

Will we ever be able to equip more than 1 melee weapon on our tenno, seems like it would be fun to be able to take a primary or secondary and 2 melee of our choice since the whole current system while fun does feel very limiting.

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The first weapon balancing was mostly primary, when will secondaries/melee be balanced?

Any news on the sentient carrier thingy you showed in a Devstream a while ago?

Any news on another deluxe skin?

Will there be more syndicate weapons?

Any news on the Orokin Razor Fan?

Can Focus be added to the Arsenal?

Can Arcanes be added to the Arsenal instead of being forced on a syandana?

Any plans on allowing Archwing Mission to be fissures, so the entire planet of uranus can be used for fissure missions?

Are there any plans for a catch-up-system for login days, for example, login 10 consecutive days, get 1 day extra. Limit of days would be limit of days Warframe is live.

Will long endless run be more rewarding? e.g. the 2nd B Rotation reward rewards 2 B Rotation Reward, or the 3rd B Rotation, maybe that is more balanced?

Any News on new Captura Scenes?  Lua and Kuva Fortress please?

Can Kuva Fortress and Lua be Fissure-viable please?

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