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Professions In Warframe


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I have an idea and if the community like it maybe someday the developers  add it in warframe.


Now in warframe you can get only weapons from mastery rank my idea is wain you are mastery rank 8 you be able to unlock one proffecion mod slot this will be down from the aura slot and your warframe can only have one profession and you can't remove it or change it.

You can buy the recipes for the proffecions mods from the clan dojo and and wain you make it you be able to equip it and have access to one of the professions below.




you have 10% to get void key drop from the defence mission waves


2) master trainer


you be able to add some improvements to in to warframe powers

for example:


mag crash: ignor armor


frost avalanche: freeze the enemies which is not dead for 10 sec after use


3) gatherer


you get 50% more drop from all resources


4) Banker


you recive 50% more credits from ther mission you complete if the mission failed you get 50% of the normal credits


5) gold digger


you have 20% to get rare mods and rare fusion cores drop from the enemies you kill

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This makes no sense for this type of game. Our profession is "space ninja", if that's really what you want to call our job. We are interplanetary assassins and saboteurs. Our specialty comes from the mods we have equipped and the frames we are using.


I don't understand how this would even be justified, unless you wanted each account to pick a "backstory" or some such that would explain aptitudes for specific things.

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Honestly? No. Warframe is not an RPG, deal with it.


This is a Game and we're Playing the Role of Tenno.


We have character advancement, missions and social hubs. We have narrative and we are getting more narrative with choices and paths.


Warframe isn't solely an RPG, but it has it's RPG elements.

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