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Rescue Mission Ui Glitch


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During the latest alert for an excal' helmet, I encountered a UI glitch where the damage numbers did not fade away. They stayed static on the screen, while the other elements (the mini map, the ammo counter, the amour/health meter etc) all froze. Upon dying, I was also unable to select whether I wanted to revive or forfeit the match. 

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I just ran into this same glitch a moment ago. It was an alert on Europa - Baal for the Ceramic Dagger blueprint. Also a rescue mission. I went in solo, and at one point I ran into a Napalm Grineer, who downed the NPC. At that point the HUD froze and I didn't even know the NPC was downed until I saw him on the ground. Fortunately it was mid-reload so I got some decent snapshots. The minimap froze, the reload indicator froze in the middle of my screen. damage indicators weren't popping up, and when I switched to my secondary, it still showed my primary as the weapon selected. The map went into lockdown and there were no icons that showed up to show me where the console was or anything. And, as Krz3D stated, upon death the option to revive/forfeit didn't pop up onto the screen.

This image is of the lockdown console I needed to hack, after running around for 2 minutes to find the console. You can see the map is incorrect and the reload indicator is frozen.


In this image, you can see the NPC is not in the spot indicated on the map. Also, I'm holding my secondary weapon, and the HUD is displaying my primary still. Also, the map and reload icon from the first image are still present and identical.


Same as the second image, just to further show.


Quite a frustrating bug, I'm not going to lie. I almost ragequit after that one.

Correction to the beginning of my post. I was solo in the mission, but I was not set to Solo, I was Online.

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