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Show Max Ammo & Reload Times on Shop Weapons Please


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i just thought this could really be helpfull to some players but right now there is only clip size and firerate which i dont think is enuf,

For example in shop when buying weapons if every1 could see that the Snipertron carries only 50 shots and takes around 5+ seconds to reload. Well most would no doubt save a lot of credits and spend it on other things they want to use.

Now thats usefull & quite a big help.

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I agree with you that additional information for stats would be fantastic, and pretty usefull.

On the other hand though, I would like to point out that even with it's low ammo count and long load time the Snipertron is easily one of the best weapon's I've used in the game thus far simply based on damage and range. It's not a crowd control weapon, pluck off a few people in the distance with it while run and slicing enemies in the short makes for a great combination. I haven't regretted the investment one bit; its just a matter of how you use it.

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