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Void Keys


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So yeah I used a void key to do a raid got the artifact then got to the end where there's a elevator and anytime I use it and go up I just fall through the floor of it after and have to call it again but it never lets me leave and eventually I get killed by any body I happen to missed that get stuck against the elevator... anyone else with this issue?

So I wasted a void key because the mission couldn't be beat because the elevator glitched out .

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To the first 2 thanks alot but for some reason my key was consumed when I failed maybe a glitch but whatever I got another from doing a defend, alittle annoying but its resolved
As For Angius
thanks if thats your way of trying to help but the Ctrl+v thing then all caps was that really necessary? Its a good way of Making a newbie or scub feel like crap over a small bug or glitch and even more If this is the wrong place then excuse me for that, I'm not a professional forums user Humans make mistakes.
So thanks for the warm welcome.

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