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Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.2.0

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Operator hairs still clippy.

Focus 2.0 is still Focus 1.0 (Invest in 2 nodes and quit).

When using a controller if you use Transference your UI gets stuck with the face buttons and makes you use powers unless you hold R1 again.

Void Mode now takes a full second to turn on when you use it with a controller, crouching as operator works fine on a keyboard but it takes a controller a full second.

Drone escorts are now immune to Ivara's Cloak arrow. Nice job stealthily sneaking that in without notice.

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Drone bs.
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I rarely comment on the forums but it's required this time. DE i normally buy all deluxe packs but that ember skin, that shouldn't have been put in the game it doesn't even look good and it should be scrapped/removed with someone else re designing it. You also recieved a lot of feedback on reddit and the forums about it, i would take that into account if you do take my suggestion

I will not buy that pack even if you guys sell it for 10p i won't buy it because it shouldn't be in the game and it's not worthy quality wise

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12 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:
  • Replaced Grokdrul and Iradite pickups from crates and caches with Rubedo and Ferrite in the Plains to better expose the deeper Resource system.

The addition of these Resources into the Plains are mainly geared towards helping new players learn about Resources not tied to the Plains.

This is really unfortunate. I use bounties to get the resources in order to keep my archwing charges up for a variety of missions while on the plains. Not having access to Iradite from caches is going to make this much more difficult. Please reconsider this.

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7 minutes ago, Noktin said:

Thanks! Fix some other bugs too please:

  • Minimap position (Overlay map) resets to top left after "leave/stay" screen to default position. I find it more convinient for me to use minimap in right side of screen and has appropriate setting on, so why does it reset?
  • Waypoints show distance to the room/tile where waypointed thing is instead of displaying true distance.
  • Kuva amount is hidden in mods section until one selects riven mod. Either show it or hide endo too.
  • Crafting: reduce amount of owned blueprints by one after crafting process has been started. (ex. I have 2 BPs of forma, I craft it and when it's built it still shows I have 2 BPs. I press "claim" and suddenly it becomes 1 BP. It's confusing.)
  • Mirage and Zenistar. Aren't Mirage's doppelgangers supposed to copy all things she do? When Mirage releases Zenistar's disk, then casts "Hall of Mirrors" and then does charged attack, Zenistar's disk returns to player, while doppelgangers throw 4 disks.
  • Sprint detection: holding shift while standing still will break Ivara's Prowl (just why, it should be SPRINT-modifier + walking to count as Sprinting);

You forgot about the kubrows and kavats pathfinding being buggered

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Zaw Stat Fixes:

  • Ooltha's base Critical Chance changed from 22% to 18% as intended.
  • Mewan's base Status Chance change from 22% to 18% as intended.


Fixes??? Let me "Fix" it.


Zaw Star nerf:


  • the oothla boothla is too op so we decided to nerf it because we want to and people love the oothla so much MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  • the DEwan is nerfed from 22% to 18% because we want people to hate u

(no hate DE i luv u all)

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Sucks when you hotfix during night time.


1 hour ago, [DE]Megan said:

Replaced Grokdrul and Iradite pickups from crates and caches with Rubedo and Ferrite in the Plains to better expose the deeper Resource system.

Lemme correct:

Replaced Nerfed Grokdrul and Iradite pickups from crates and caches with Rubedo and Ferrite in the Plains to better expose the deeper Resource system droprate instead of adding other PoE resources to crates and caches as it would make sense.

1 hour ago, [DE]Megan said:

Added Plastids, Circuits, Oxium and Cryotic as rewards for Bounties in the first two tiers 

Yeah, because the reward table is not terrible enough.

1 hour ago, [DE]Megan said:

Increased the Cetus Standing reward for each Bounty tier.

Thank you.

1 hour ago, [DE]Megan said:

A specter of destruction, Nekros breaks free of the underworld with this haunting skin.

The signature binds of Nekros Irkalla.

Skin is cool, already using it, but the Binds don't work well with Uru Prime syandana, it clips pretty badly.

1 hour ago, [DE]Megan said:

From the ashes of battle a flamboyant new Ember rises.

The signature pistol skin of Ember Vermillion.

The signature Syandana of Ember Vermillion.

They are nice, but will stick to my old skins for now. Nusku can't be useed in all skins, which is kinda meh.

1 hour ago, [DE]Megan said:

General Additions:

  • Ostron Rug Collection has been added to the Market! 

Ugly as hell. Also I don't know the point of adding lots of PoE stuff for decoration before we can have a "house" (base/orbiter dock). Placing it in ship was a challenge, since it doesn't bend with the "terrain". 

Still no fixes for:

1- Sometimes, when you go out of town, the bounty objectives don't start.
2- Sometimes, when you complete a bounty objective, the next one doesn't start.
3- Vacuum doesn't work with cores and eidolon (considering how often cores get stuck under the floor, they should be vacuumed).
4- When you reenter cetus, weapons that gained levels during the mission show as "unranked" on mission results screen and as previous level on top of "escape HUD".
5- Sometimes HUD, or part of it, disappears when you enter the plains.
6- Almost everytime i get a new bounty it bugs, showing the latest one. Need to drop it and get again to work.
7- Sometimes there are 2 objectives on the map at the same time for the same bounty part (got it in vault bugged thing, liberate the camp, kill the commander and escort the drone so far). Also if you complete twice the same objective, it counts 2 times towards bounty progression.
8- Sometimes the objective icon stays on lag portal (aka Cetus entrance).
9- Sometimes people that are not in your group randomly appear on your chat (this is actually fun, so you can fix this for last).
10- Sometimes, during the trully boring "liberate the camp" mission, after you clear the area you don't get the counter - mission progression still shows as "clear all hostiles" instead of "secure the area", eventhough you can progress the mission normally. Also happens in the vault quest, where it stucks with "insert the datamass" text.
11- Sometimes when the annoying drone reaches its final location, nothing happens, stopping bounty progression.
12- Sometimes the mission fails even before (!!!!!) leaving Cetus.

14- Sometimes "leave group" makes you get stuck on loading screen and sometimes you get stuck in infinite loading screens loop, going from earth to cetus, cetus to earth - case in which you can't even alt+4.

15- Sometimes Teralyst gets invisible, case in which he teleports even with lures and is killed instead of captured even with lures.


Also we need:
1- Option to enable/disable experimental flight mode on the plains (and averywhere else) so we can use the epileptic-friendly version.
2- Vote to kick option for all those leechers 
3- Marks on map for sentient cores/eidolon pieces (can't be that hard)
4- Decent reward tables ("begginers don't have those" is not an excuse, they can get the mods from normal drops all the time). Clean the common mods, resources and credits from the tables.
5- Greater Lenses back on sorties (really? now that they have some use you remove them in exchange for a handful of kuva?)
6- Focus 3.0 (sorry, 2.0 sucks)
7- Reduction of PoE defense timers (3/2.5 min is nonsense for a single part of a 3-5 steps bounty) and all waiting times in general (finish a part of the bonuty, immediately starts next).
8- Options to order loadouts by alphabetical order, most used and most recent

9- A complete revamp on market, things are hard to find if you don't know their name. We also need a "new" session and a "limited time" session. Foundry also needs a revamp (new tabs, such as minerals, baits, etc.)

10- Maybe a "house" (base, cave, whatever) on Cetus (ship is too small to all the cool fish/noggles/sculptures/caged animals/etc.). Also I make this guy's words my own. Orbiter dock is an awesome idea.


I want this not just for decoration and what not but as an alternative to going back to cetus then back to the orbiter than back to cetus to pick up a new bounty then back to plains and rinse/repeat. And having a small solo instance as an option to exit and enter the map through will cut down heavily on load in/out times.

A home base that we can have our orbiter dock to to give us access to it and more room to place objects, and pick up bounties remotely would be nice for plains in general.

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