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Plains of Eidolon: Update 22.2.0

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Compared to the original design, the Ember deluxe skin looks Horrid.

But as a skin overall I like it - sure it's not like the original design, and the original design was about 10000% better for sure, but atleast it isn't Nova Asuri skin...

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How about fixing not being able to unequip Sugatras from Zaws?

That still is not fixed. I just tested.

There are options to pick other Sugatras but there is no option to remove currently equipped one at all.

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8 minutes ago, SolarisVentara said:

While I get that you want to introduce more of the resources to new players, this DOES make it much harder for people to get things like the Gara parts which quite frankly was already difficult with tiny rewards like void relics and credits already in the mix.

I'm just REALLY glad I got the last Gara part I needed about an hour ago. RIP others who haven't yet.

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8 minutes ago, -STR-Serhokyan said:

so those basic resources for new players are really unneeded . eidolons final purpose are amps. to use a amp you need to finish war within first. and when you finish war within you have opened all planets so you learned about those resources. only thinking for newbies and not us vets.

*inserts shame gif*

Yeah IMO put PoE in the first planet was a huge mistake , should be better at the middle of the system or at the end (or maybe at 3/4 ?) but not at the first planet...

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rivens STILL arent fixed... I don't need a buff, just make all of the same type, have the same stat ranges, 2 Balla-based rivens between me and a friend, both having only 3 positive stats, are over 30% apart in stats, when the range is only 10% variance at that disposition

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Fixed Luminous Dye remaining active if used prior to transitioning back to Cetus and then re entering the Plains. 


WHY!??? This should be a base feature and not tied to this dye bullS#&$....

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20 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Cetus/Plains Changes:

  • ‘Sabotage Bounty’ has been renamed to ‘Prototype Sabotage’. 
  • Increased the Cetus Standing reward for each Bounty tier.
  • Replaced Grokdrul and Iradite pickups from crates and caches with Rubedo and Ferrite in the Plains to better expose the deeper Resource system.
  • Added Circuits to Turret drop tables.
  • Added Circuits, Rubedo and Ferrite to Dropship drop tables.
  • Added Plastids, Circuits, Oxium and Cryotic as rewards for Bounties in the first two tiers 

The addition of these Resources into the Plains are mainly geared towards helping new players learn about Resources not tied to the Plains.

More baby steps. More needs to be done.
Don't get me wrong, I think I like these baby steps, but bounties with all their separate stages in a single bounty need to feel more rewarding, and so the first two stages of a bounty should reward something from the common pool like those resources or credits or vitality mods, and then the third should have a chance at rewarding the more unique items available. Simple way of addressing complaints.

And why the total silence on Archwings? From day one the PoE update dropped, hundreds of consensus topics cropped up on these forums, pointing out simple easy ways to fix it:
Make handling better, first and biggest step is removing rotation on axis while strafing.
Either change finite charges to infinite but with a cooldown if knocked out by disabler projectiles, or get rid of disabler projectiles, or make farming and crafting the charges dirt cheap, the current system we have is really bad.

Also I see nothing about fixing AI having really bad problems crossing cell boundaries in regular procedurally generated levels; getting through doorways, stairs etc.
And that ammo mutation on the plains would also be nice to see fixed.
And plenty of other stuff that has demanded attention since PoE launch.

I'm repeating myself here.

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No, don't do this to me ...
Not Ember ...
I clinged to my plat for ages while waiting for that skin ! I fell in love the moment I first saw that concept ! I waited all the time, knowing that the wait would be rewarded !
And now, instead of a beautiful skin for my beloved Ember, THIS BEAST get's released !? q.q
I'm normally not one to flame, but I pretty much am a broken man now ... Of all the Skins, it had to be my favorite concept, for my favorite Warframe too, that never saw the light of day ...
Now let me go in my corner and cry a few oceans ...

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