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Turning An Annoyance Into A Conveniance


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So I've been playing Warframe for a good amount of time and I noticed that the mod selection system has no filters or presets! This seems to be a bit of a drag when you have different mod setups for the same warframe depending on the difficulty,faction, mission type etc etc especially at late game. I think it would be nice to have presets, you have certain mods applied to your weapon/warframe/melee and you just want that quick one button switch from your corny named setups (Infested Bested lelelelel) to your other corny setup (Corpus? hah). Also I feel that the little tiny space dedicated for your mod selection needs to be turned into a window that pops up like the fusion core selection list with the filters being the mod types for that specific item type (primary, secondary, Melee)

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