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When Reality And Illusion Combines...


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Miracles happen like one-sided walls!





^Trying to run past the wall with no avail.







^What the hell happened to the wall!?!?!?



^Is it really gone?



^NOOOO! THE WALL HAS TRAPPED ME! (I could still walk out)


Pictures 1~4 are pictures that show the side of the wall that is on the plane of existence while 5~6 shows the side where it doesn't exist. Picture 7 is where I angled my camera to find when it starts to show (and caught myself in between this illusion-based wall.


As a bonus, watch my character levitate a Grineer in front of his awe-struck friend.



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when you see things like this, if you can get the level's fingerprint from your log file we can open it up here and have a look.


These kinds of things are caused by meshes sticking out into the void on a seperate tile that isnt properly contained. This phenomena must be addressed on a case by case basis depending on whichever the offending tile is, but to find that quickly and easily a fingerprint of your level layout would be helpful :)

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The level's fingerprint is contained in the EE.log, which basically records the last game's information. The devs can parse through the level generation information contained in there to reproduce the map as you saw it.


You can find the EE.log at C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Warframe

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