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Corpus - Lore


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Described as a mercantile cult, relating to the old mercantile guilds from days long past, we attempt to incorporate aspects of guild and cult fanaticism into describing the Corpus. In a strong sense they make the lower ranks believe that they are working for a higher cause than simple profit, but on the inside of things they are simply a large business controlling the sectors through trade. The idea that the lowest members are fanatical in following orders also adds to how many corpus might simply take a prod to try and kill something like a Tenno.


Corpus Leader Structure:


Guild Master

The person with ultimate control over the politics and nature of Corpus. They guide Corpus through the texts of their people and they hold the original copy of the script from which Corpus defines itself. All the secrets of Corpus are held by the president and they will pass them onto the Master Apprentice on their death. Through vision and wisdom the president guides Corpus to its divine destiny of wealth.


Master Apprentice

This person holds control over the Corpus fleets. Answers only to the Guild Master and conveys the information down from the him. He is the voice of the Guild Master.


Elder Craftsmen

The board of directors convene at the request of the Guild Master or Master Apprentice to dissolve, debate, or pass laws. They set tax structures, laws, and regulation within their respective sectors. Each director holds control over a sector that may have been inherited from family or bought with enough capital. Each elder even has their own "army" which could be gathered when they needed it or at the request of the masters. Not all of the directors are military minded and many times they may work against one another for financial gain.


Senior Craftsmen

These men hold power over the individual corpus controlled planet. They report to their director with findings as well as paying their tithe to the director. They are in charge with overseeing all facets of the planet's structure and manufacturing. Like the elders, they may inherit the position through wealth or family ties.



This is the term in place of Governor for a populated area. They oversee the workforce and ensure tithe is paid to the Senior Craftsmen. Very rarely is the position bought into, but this has been known to happen on the rare occasion. This position is normally inherited.



This is the person directly in control of a Corpus Facility. He is generally seen as the spiritual leader of the building and only reports to the Craftsmen and Senior Craftsmen. He may be trying to earn or buy his way into the Craftsmen's position. Many managers are born into their position.



These are generally the understudy of the Manager, but could also be someone trying to take their position. Many Assistants come from the ranks of Crewman and may be groomed to take the position of Manager. They generally lead crewmen in tasks ordained from the Manager.



The most basic member of the service. The crewman is taught that they are no different than another crewman. Part of their joining requires them to remove the image they have of themselves by wearing the uniform they are commonly seen in. Their voice box is replaced with a modulator that makes it so all their voices sound the same. The removal of self is part of the indoctrination into the cult service. Very few Crewman advance beyond this rank.



A member of Corpus is someone who has not taken the rights to be indoctrinated into the cult itself. These are normally the younger adults, children, or those who are not fit for work. They are taught the creed and scripture of the Corpus everyday.




The ultimate goal one can strive for is to have the greatest amount of wealth. 

Through hard work you are paid and gain wealth.

Through trade and bartering you amass wealth. 

Through the abundance of wealth you gain power to spend and buy to gain even more wealth. 

Through the abundance of power you gain the ability control others and yourself to add to the growth of your wealth. 

When you are truly wealthy, you are truly free. 


When you die, the wealth you had in life will be tallied on the great scales. 


Those who work hardest,

Those who trade the most,

Those who amass the most wealth,

They are the ones granted the most luxorious afterlife.


If you do not work hard enough,

If you trade very little at all,

If you have no wealth,

They are the ones who will live in the slums of the afterlife.


Remeber my bretheren to read the words and to speak them every day:


I work hard to achieve. 

I work long to achieve. 

I trade with all.

I barter with all.

I work for money.

I work for power.

I work for control.

I work for Corpus.

By the words of the script, For Profit!

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Fan Created Lore would fall into this Sub Forum no?




I just think of them as the Adeptus Mechanicus from Warhammer 40k with a merchant twist.

Quite possible. The downside is that we don't see them with incense praying to the spirits within the machines that their Deras shoot strait.




Yeah... but why 'Amen'?

In essence you could take any number of finishers. They could rather say something akin to, "Profit".

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Uuuuh? why? Am I the only one who thinks this is awesome?


OP's post makes so much sense.


Fan Created Lore would fall into this Sub Forum no?




Quite possible. The downside is that we don't see them with incense praying to the spirits within the machines that their Deras shoot strait.




In essence you could take any number of finishers. They could rather say something akin to, "Profit".

although I agree that "Amen" sucks, really sucks. Don't tell me that Corpus speak Latin, although "Corpus" is Latin.

well, whatever their language is, "Amen" is still a wrong word, the "Profit" or any other thing about "Wealth" or "Power" and reigning supreme will do.


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Hmm then I may be misunderstanding the main heading of this topic you're pointing out:



Fan Concepts
A place for fan-created concepts. Warframes, weapons, and everything else!
If this concept is in the wrong forum, then please report it to a community manager or to another member of the staff to be moved to the correct sub forum or deleted.
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Very good take on the corpus, who are still pretty confusing.

The Grineer are a military might. They are about weapons, clones, warships.

The Infested are a consumung desease, with perhaps a Hivemind in the shadows.

The Corpus are merchant cultists, and yet seem

obsessed with robots, the Void and military might.

They have Seargents, then surely other ranks as well.

I suspect they have goals hidden from view, that is somehow tied to the Void and the Tenno.

Tenno are named Betrayers. This implies a shared past. A past the Tenno have no memory of.

Great ideas all around tho.

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They might have a military branch, a mercenary guild if you will. This would explain Nef Anyo's rank. I don't think the Corpus high officials would really fight on the front lines anyway. I perceive them more as pawn-masters, whose only real military input is strategics and funding. Some of them might elect to use proxies though.


It has been said in the lore somewhere that the Corpus are somewhat techno-theistic, perceiving the perfection of technology as the ultimate pursuit, with gain and wealth being a close second.

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