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Weekend Event: What The Heck Do I Do?!?!?



Okso I logged in 2 warframe tonight and saw a WHOLE New layout. New screen, the buttons have dif. textures, and therea this, EVENT. So far the only thing I've learned is that there's 4 special "missions" that I have to do. So I clicked on themand it said I had to get some sort of bomb that destroys the grinder by doing an infested mission. Ok, so I did that and got a thingy that wasn't an alpha or beta bomb it was the other 1 anyway lol so then I do 2 of the 4 special missions and get 10 "points" . Here's my question. Where do I view these points and whatdo I have to do to get them? Btw I saw a recently uploaded utube video that showed the silver points symbol on the left side of the online, solo etc. Mode. It's not there for me and I've joined and completed 2 of the 4 missions. :/ help

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You kill Infested, get corruptors (comes in three flavors - alpha, beta and stable), bring 'em to Formorian Missions (which is indicated by a red-colored larger-than-normal spaceship-like thingy around different planets), form a group to which different people bring a different type of corruptor to maximize the points you gain - (10 points for all three corruptors, and less with the combination of any two/ one).


P.S. Like datamasses, you bring them to a system and plug the corruptor right in. Remember to equip the corruptor as a consumable in order to use it, and bear in mind that you can only bring one type of corruptor to a mission at a time.

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