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Do Elemental Mods Benefit From Crit/crit Dmg?



Bascially wanted to know when mods like % fire damage are applied. Like if the Snipetron Vandal hits a heavy armored unit, is the 90% fire damage calculated from the 125 base or the 300 it does since its AP damage. Also if the SV crits does the fire damage become based off the new number or does the the fire damage mod have a chance to crit on its own. Basically, how do crits work? lol ;_(

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Take SnipetronVandal 125 base AP damage, the 60% ap mod would deal 75 ap damage or 150 damage to a heavy unit.


Lanka is 250 base armor ignoring damage, the ap mod of 150 ap damage means 300 damage to heavy unit.


Does the AP mod damage get multiplied by crit damage or not? Trying to determine if lanka/sv crit harder, but a big factor is weather or not the ap mod crits.

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