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Lech Kril Bugging Out About Half The Time


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Been farming for frost on and off for the past week.  In the most recent set of patches, Kril often get's bugged to the point you can't kill him.  I know the sequence you have to use.  First, when you get him "prepped" and he does the slam, you can take down his shield but not do any damage to him after the first time.  You have to wait until stage 2 to actually damage him.


About half the time though, you prep him, he does the slam, and doesn't freeze.  At that point no matter what you do he rarely becomes un-bugged, and you have to abort.  Sat around for 10+ mins in one run just seeing if we could find a way to "fix" him, didn't find one.

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I just started running Kril today for Frost parts and I've been experiencing the same problem.  In some games he simply will not freeze.  You can get his pack light to change green, but his ice waves will continue to go off normally without freezing him.  The only solution I've found is to leave the game and enter a new one.  A new one that hopefully isn't the bugged one I just left.


He also does not take any damage while he's frozen when he is working properly.  His shields can be taken down but his health will not go down.  I'm not sure if this is intentional or not.  I just wait for second phase to kill him (assuming he isn't bugged and actually gets to second phase).

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