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Some Ui Suggestions.


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I'm sure some of this has been suggested before, or is even in the works already, but I wanted to post anyways.


Please give us a way to save favorite loadouts to allow faster swapping between warframes and weapons that use the same mods.  On that note, please make the mod selection screen for configuring loadouts searchable in some way, perhaps also with the ability to filter out duplicate mods of the same rank.


Please add blueprints acquired to the end mission statistics screen.  Also, on that screen, assuming the intention is to add graphics to all items obtained like resources now have, please move the text for the item names and total amounts to the bottom, as they can be hard to read with the image behind them.  Duplicate mods could also have a number total, instead of taking up a display slot for each one.  Perhaps a list style layout instead of the icons we now have, to allow displaying all items obtained on missions where lots of items dropped.


I know I thought of some more things but this all that comes to mind for now as I write this.


Thank you for taking the time to read and consider this.



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One of the better UI ideas Ive seen floating around is the idea of a favorites tab for mods, a separate mod-inventory storage for just the mods we use / have leveled.

That, and allowing me to click one mod, hold shift, and click another, selecting all mods in between. Saving me from clicking every single one

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