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T2 Exterminate Mission With No Enemies, "where Are They!?"


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Was doing a T2 exterminate mission, and was like "aight frost prime chassis, let's see if we can't get you instead of yet another bloody reaper handle this time" when I noticed that I was... despite what Lotus told me previously, completely alone!

I ran to the end, Lotus said "lolwutdafuqrudoing, there are still enemies left!" so I ran back and was ambushed by like 10-20 dudes. "Tis a bit weird" I thought, so I continued strolling around the map to search for more, maybe I was crashing in on them playing hide and seek with the stalker or something. Nope.


What seemed to work was me continuely running to the extraction zone, then running back to spawn like 10-ish mobs and repeat, though most of the times it didn't work. I managed to see 3 hours worth of Top Gear before I finished my mission!


Atleast I got a reaper handle.

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