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Dojo > Please Wait > Try Again.


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This is the message I've been getting for the last two/three days, anyone know anything about it? 


To be more specific I'm the warload of a 4 person clan and have hosted it before several times, was finishing up Dojo research and figured I'd go and do the last set I need across the labs and ...




Please wait...

Unable to retrieve Dojo data, please try again.


THEN it trolls me.


3...2...1...0...1 .............


3...2...1..0...1 .........



Waited over 24 hours since, and same thing xD

Waited again.. same thing.


Subliminally it's telling me 1.0.1 : lol .. lol... lol... lol.. I know it! 




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relog always fixes this problem for me


Relogged multiple times over the last few days and it just keeps happening ;/



DE handled it. Was finally able to access the Dojo! \o/ Victory!

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