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Fan Made Warframes, Weapons, And More!


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In this I have come up with some new items in which I will be showing you the details, unfortunately I don't have any sketches drawn yet.


WarFrame: Yami(Evil, Darkness), Male

Yami is a dark solid black warframe that represents what it's name means having control of dark powers it makes Yami a fearsome foe.


Weapons: Kuro-hi(black fire); Melee

Kuro-hi represents a demon like wing as a sword and its element is Black fire it deals 40% fire damage as a default.


Dark Wings; Secondary

The Dark Wings are boltos that come in solid black and fire black and purple bolts, they also have small demon like wings on their design.


Evil's Eye; Primary

Evil's Eye is a 4 round burst fire weapon that fires four small spinning razors that glow purple, the front of the rifle represents a demonic eye and the razors fire from the pupil.


Abilities: Kuro-hi bakudan(1)

Literal meaning Black Fire Bomb, this attack is similar to a dash but Yami's arms both become engulfed in black flames and the first target to get hit by the dash is grabbed Yami throws that enemy to the floor unleashing a small AOE of black fire in a circle and then Yami slams his other arm into the enemy spreading the fire onto that enemy and tosses it in the air and it unleashes a second wave of fire but it spreads as a ball like form.


Painful Eclipse(2)

Painful Eclipse is when Yami grows black wings and rises up in a cross like stance and a red moon like circle forms behind him and solid black aura like small scythes fly out of the moon damaging all in front of it.


Shadow's Home(3)

This ability allows Yami to make all members invisible and gives them a slight damage boost for 30 secs, fusing increase damage and time.


Evil's Roar(4)

This devastating attack creates four dark copies of Yami all appear at specific points that if drawn out form a dark alchemist like star that then blasts a dark beam out from the star vertically in between them that then explodes taking enemies out in a large radious.


WarFrame: Shi(Death), Male

Shi is the angel of death wielding soul taking powers and having the ability to give life after taking it makes this warframe a support that can definitely handle multiple enemies.


Weapons: Grim and Reaper; Melee

Grim is a small scythe attached to the famous Reaper by a chain giving it a powerful combo attack.


Soul; Secondary

Soul is a seven barreled revolver that fires 2 seven based rounds before reloading, clip holds 14 and fires 7 at a time.


Death's sidekick; Primary

This weapon's name is well deserved at the hand of Shi it truly is Death's sidekick, DS is a 3 barreled shotgun that fires 3 rounds at once, dealing 3 massive rounds of damage.


Abilities: Soul Tear

Similar to Rhino's stomp Soul Tear makes the enemies fly up and stop in slow motion but just like Excalibur's spear move Shi unleashes multiple green aura like Skanas that pass through the enemies, and as they do a small cloud of green aura comes out of their back looking like their souls.


Life's Bane

This move is Grim and Reaper specific Shi draws out the chained scythes and they glow representing the energy of the user u can use them as both secondary and primary reaper being primary grim a secondary doing so opens large combo moves that ultimately leads to a large radial spin attack taking out any enemies withing the radious.


Giver, Taker

This ability takes the very life force from any enemies around Shi and gives it to him and his allies.


Death's Scream

This devastating ability is a 2 part attack, 1st part Shi glows according to the users energy and becomes stronger and the Shi's shields will begin to increase faster and faster until it reaches 1000 at 1000 the 2nd part is activated using the extra shield strength Shi unleashes a massive surge of power that stuns all enemies in the room he is in and does 100% electric damage.


WarFrame: Karasu(Raven), Male and Female; Female version is named Amaterasu(Japanese Goddess of the Sun)

Both Karasu and Amaterasu share similar abilities and weapons they are a force to be reckoned with when together but don't be fooled when they are separated they are still powerful.


Weapons: Male; Masamune; Melee

Masamune is the legendary blade of peace a 6 foot katana spread through legend to be the weapon of true warriors.

Female; Plasma and Blaze

Plasma and Blaze are 2 special daggers Plasma gives off red electricity and Blaze blue fire.


Love and Hate; Secondary

Love and Hate are duel wield Latos Love fires pink bullets and Hate fires purple Love is white with a heart carved into the side as hate is black with a heart with a dagger carved into the side.


Solar Eclipse; Primary

Solar Elcipse is a bow with tri-tipper arrows the bow does both fire and electric damage but also has high CC(Critical Chance) when fully pulled back and fire it can either take off a limb or pierce an enemy to a wall, its piercing power allows it to fire through 4 enemies with ease.


Abilities: Age of Ravens

This shared ability summons a large flock of ravens around enemies and it does damage to them as they surround the enemies.


Goddess's Scorn

This shared ability makes a large black holographic arm that attacks multiple enemies in front of the player, but males are fists and females is a open palmed slap.


Goddess's Blessing

This shared ability allows the player to give damage and shields boosts to all allies and self.


Male; Tri-pod

Tri-pod is a devastating attack that allows Karaus to stretch out three large spear tipped chains piecing and attaching through enemies and nearby walls or the floor it then unleashes a large wave of purple electricity that kills all enemies caught in the radious.


Female; Solar Calamity

This devastating attack is 2 part, 1st part Amaterasu glows the users energy colors giving her a damage boost and her shields increase as well until it reaches 2000, at 2000 the 2nd part is activated it unleashes something like a mega flare from a sun it does fire and electric damage on a massive scale and kills all enemies in the room Amaterasu is in.


WarFrame: Half Breed, Male

Half Breed represents light and darkness the armor he wears is double sided and colored left side light blue right side is dark red.


Weapons: Apocolypse maker; Melee

This blade is a chained sword its entire design is deadly the chains are spiked both the blade and hondle have sharp blades on it the bottom of the hilt has a spike and the blade has a place on the back of the blade that allows then user to hold it and throw the hilt out this allows strong long ranged combos.


Heaven's Eye and Hell's Teeth; Secondary

HE is shuriken with frost damage HT is kunai with fire damage HE is left handed HT is right handed. 


Forgiveness and Damnation; Primary

These specially designed sawed-off shotguns are wielded together to prove the power of the Half Breed Forgiveness fires out massive electric damage and Damnation massive fire damage.


Abilities: War

War is a heavy small radious attack that unleashes spinning weapons,random melee weapons.



Pestilance unleashes a swarm of green insects that poison and erode nearby enemies.



Famine drains enemies of health and gives it to self and allies.



Death is a true devastater its AM(Apocolypse Maker) specific its also 2 part just like Shi it allows u to use AM as primary and secondary until the shields reach 6666 once that happens it trans forms AM into a weapon representing the 4 apocolypse riders main weapons or items then it unleashes a massive combo that flashes to enemy to enemy and creates 8 copies to repeat this process.


WarFrame: Ancient, Male

Ancient is one of the eldest of Tenno wielding godlike powers only told in myths this makes Ancient a one man army.


Weapons: Gungnir; Melee

Gungnir is the legendary spear of Odin father of the Viking gods, it does large electric damage and has a high CC.


Devil eraser: Secondary

Devil eraser is a rocket pod launcher that fires four pods at once that split into 4 smaller rockets doing 16 hits of massive damage, only fires twice before reloading.


God Stomper; Primary

God Stomper is a strong six barreled automatic shotgun it fire from top barrels to bottom to middle firing double barreled doing massive damage.


Abilities: Ancient Thunder

This ability is Gungnir specific it takes the spear and firmly slams the hilt into the ground sending of golden lighting all around Ancient doing electric damage to all enemies withing the lightnings radious.


Mythical Punishment

This ability is God stomper specific it holds the shotgun in the air and fires at the sky and all enemies within a medium sized radious are struck by small meterorites.


Relic's Blessings

Heals self and allies also restoring shields to max.


Odessy's Cry

This devastating attack makes Ancient rise in the air and a loud War Cry is heard as a gold light is given off Ancient that light soon dashes through all enemies within a large radious.


WarFrame: Dust, Male

Dust is a true assassin/ninja type Tenno all weapons are silent, minus his exploding kunai, and his skills are deadly.


Weapons: Tiger Claw; Melee

TC is a 3 bladed katana that does triple amounts of damage with each hit.


Boomers; Secondary

Exploding Kunai that pierce enemies and explode on contact.


Wind Scar; Primary

WS is a giant shuriken that is thrown like the glaive but does a lot more damage it uses rifle and shotgun elemental mods, as well as melee mods.


Abilities: Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust

this ability copies Ash's smoke screen and Excalibur's dash n slash but it creates a copy of Dust when it does the dash n slash doing double the damage.


WInd's Razor

This attack is Tiger Claw specific Dust slashes hard vertically towards enemies send razor sharp bursts of winds at the enemies.


Soothing Winds

Heals all allies and self.


Wind's Champion

This devastating attack unleashes all of Dust's original weapons first using a dash/wind razor attack with TC then a tri-shot attack with the Boomers than a devastating AOE with WS that takes out enemies in a large radious that gradiually decreases to the point that Dust catches it.


To all the WarFrame staff and DE I ask you to make these warframes a reality so that the players can add newer abilities weapons and appearances to test them and see which is best for them. I will have the sketches when ever I can or if you like you can make them accordingly to their descriptions.

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I will read this in a sec, but I have to start by saying that I will probably need to stop and DRENCH my eyes with water mid way through.


Dat wall.


Edit: Alright, after reading it a bit.. (you really need to make this easier to read, most people won't) You have most certainly been watching a tad more anime than is healthy for a single human being! Anyway, some loose feedback:

Most of the weapons are either rather normal and pretty similar to current weapons, or EXTREMELY over the top (spinning razors from an eyeball? wut?), however I really like the thunder spear.


The powers of these warframes are hilariously OP, just the first skill alone on some of them are like 3 normal powers rolled into one. (though I must say, I loved the sound of the "four horsemen of apocalypse" themed one)

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Edit: Alright, after reading it a bit.. (you really need to make this easier to read, most people won't) You have most certainly been watching a tad more anime than is healthy for a single human being!

Most of the weapons are either rather normal and pretty similar to current weapons, or EXTREMELY over the top


The powers of these warframes are hilariously OP, just the first skill alone on some of them are like 3 normal powers rolled into one.

What he said^

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 Damn! Most of the abilities sounded really over powered. C'mon, Shadows Home is pretty much Rhino Roar, would be complete if Ash/Loki invisibility moves was a team power. Razor blades from an eyeball? I'm scared. Next time you can go in depth with the powers/weapons. What type of power is it? Offensive or defensive? What type of weapon is it? Travel time? Some I really liked. But, you reminded me of Darksiders. Man, that game was crazy with it's OP weapons. Also, the names are a tad confusing, are they Japanese? Some Warframes could really fit into the ''Space Ninja'' theme of the game. Others couldn't. 6/10

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My warframes are Japanese named and if it isn't readable I do apologize I had to type this as fast as I could still took me an hour or so. Also the attacks may seem OP but they don't have to be I just gave a picture or an idea of what they do, and the reason it seems their abilities are multiple ones added together is because they are but with their own personal twists, but again they don't have to be incredibly powerful until you master them if you do remember a lot of enemies are being updated to be incredibly strong so it is good to have a few powerhouse abilities. Also its still up to the warframe staff to even take in my ideas if they take any I'd like to see at least halfbreed, katarasu, ameteratsu, (because they are a pair) dust and ancient with all their glory. Who knows maybe they can make them more enjoyable than they sound.

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