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About Ignis Again


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Well, I havent seen anything in changelog (or maybe havent noticed) but i do believe ignis got a little buff. It now looks more flamethrower-like (or is it forma doing its magic?). Now after it become usable weapon maybe make it feel like it shoot fire unlike other weapons? I've got a few ideas while running with Ignis:



Frozen maps. Ignis could have melted the ice. Wouldnt make any real difference but will make it feel like heating up stuff. Would probably be problematic on corpus planet though. Maybe temporary shield increase after heating up warframe? (while they're halved)


Infested maps. Ignis could have burned those infested thingys on walls. Maybe slow infested that way. Would make it feel like cleansing weapon that turns flesh into ashes.


Infested smellies. Ignis could have despawned toxic ancient's cloud of things. If it is something organic, it could have bunred, but it hurts cryopods, so probably acid, but acid could be neutralized by fuel.


Dancing chargers. It is still annoying when chargers begin to dance in front of me after death, making cover for other infected. Making it burn dying chargers faster would have been nice.


[bUG] Rolling burning dancing ancients. Still very annoying, but now they are killable...


Freeze damage. Flamethrower that freezes enemies while burning them (I heard ya like flamethrowers, dawg)? Maybe it could deal additional damage while making slow debuff disappear? That way we will have the effect of fast temperature change and particulary solve the problem of dancing chargers.


Heating metals. Making orange hitmarks on metal/rocky surfaces and black charred on soil would also add swag to it


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It'll be like the Dunia engine or CryEngine 3.4!


Dunia is used for Far Cry, so you know why. CryEngine 3 is used by MW:O, where 'mechs can have their paint melted off with awesome effects!


You better be prepared pay their salaries if you seriously want this, though. There's lot's of programming involved for this.

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Bioshock had melting ice and it was on the same engine (just figured out that warframe isnt source game :P). And it was pretty nice. I dont remember anything about heated hitmarks in bioshock so wouldnt say anything about that (Probably thats the hard thing to make).

Burning infestation grows could be done by chopping the model in not so big parts and making them engulf in flames and disappear. That way there would be no problems with loading it in multiplayer. But it may add much more dinamic objects.

Green stuff from toxic guys? Shouldnt be too hard.

Dancing chargers and ancients? Just make them fall into physX pieces a little bit faster by hitting it with flamethrower.

Freeze damage will require adding some changes into freeze damage type.


The only real problem i can see is that ignis use same elemental damage type other weapons use. So that will probably require making another damage type just for Ignis which could not worth it. But all of those effects could be applied to Ogris. And particulary to Torid and Flux rifle

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All great ideas! And I did pick up my ignis today on a whim and it does certainly feel better than it used to be. Could still have longer range but the damage at least seems to have been buffed a bit. 

It would also be nice to shoot globs of napalm but since this game doesn't have an alt fire function I doubt thats possible. 


[idea just came to mind: Napalm hand cannon secondary!]

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I saw some posts that devs making ninja nerfs/buffs and not mentioning it in changelog. Flamethrower is buffed indeed. I think a little damage buff, range (about 1m), less flame sprites and a wider "beam". Still a beamgun but now feels multitarget. And i totally like it.


P.S. Shooting globs of napalm? U want secondary Torid with bad damage type?

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I haven't fully tested this; but from what I've noticed, when I run out of ammo on my Ignis, it won't switch to my sidearm and I have to manually switch weapons. Also when I switch back after getting some ammo again, it doesn't want to automatically refill itself.

Just things I've noticed; and despite whatever buff they gave it; to me it still feels pretty S#&$ty >.>

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