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Clan Emblem Help Me ?



I'm now considering putting down the platinum for a clan emblem that I'm pretty happy with, but I have seen a good few complaints etc since the feature was introduced, so can anyone tell me if all the bugs have been ironed out, or if I should hold off a while longer ?

Whats the wait time for approval like, and whats the process once it has been approved ?


Also, how does the emblem look to you guys ?




Thanks in advance.

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Emblem looks awesome, and would look great on your frame.


My emblem came out pretty spot on, though bugs seem to be around changing frames. So if you play the same frame go for it.


If not, you may want to wait, but it takes time to go though approval, so do it now, and it will be there once it's smoothed out.




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In itself it looks good but it won't be very visible in game.


I agree, especially on darker colored warframes, it wont be very visible, I would suggest outlining it in something brighter, like, keep the original colors, but outline the shape in like gold or something, or maybe even white/light gray, that should help it to show up more.  But it looks great, good job.

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