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Randomly Joining Guys And Chat


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first of all, i'd like to start with a compliment; i have been playing warframe quite a while now, and it stopped to feel like a beta a long time ago! i think many ppl feel the same way (which is great ofc and all thanks to you DE!) but i think many ppl forget that it's still a beta and in progress. a community close progress, the closest one i've ever seen. <3


-with that in mind, i would like to ask you if you could implement some kind of confirmation if a friend or clanmember joins your session if you are in the lobby. it happened countless time, that somebody joined the session and started a random mission while i wasn't even at my computer. needless to say, after the 100th time i found myself dead or at the start of a mission, i started enraging frequently.


-furthermore, if you are in the foundry or the marked and somebody send you an invitation and you click [X] to decline, everything that is behind that [X] will be clicked at as well.


[and i don't know if that is a bug, but it seems like there are only 5-10 ppl playing warframe, because it takes a very long time, and various switches from "lobby, waiting for players" to "planet-menu" and back, and even reconnects to find a party. (even though i haven't set a latency limit and/or various players are shown at the mission)]


which brings us to the next big toppic: group up mechanics:


we all know how randomly and somtimes very badly a party setup can be, we all are familiar with the current situation,

so here just a short summary;


you get randomly connected...forcing you to have a horrible latency sometimes or a unreadable chat, a weak combo of warframes, not the right auras and so on. + it takes for ever til the "looking for member" mechanic finds a party, even ifthere are alot of players shown on that mission.


>my suggestion/solution; if you click on a mission on a planet, a menu pops up, like a browser, where all the partys playing on this mission are shown,(players can choose if the list is ranked by latency or players etc, hide full partys etc... click on the party(party1,2,3,...) will show the classes that are played and the auras used.


OR if the random game mechanic found a game for you, you have to confirm " do you want to join that party?"

also showing every warframe who is playing, which auras they use and what mastery level they have.


example: ________________________________________


                   DO YOU WANT TO JOIN THAT PARTY?  Y/N


Planet: Eris              Player X Ember (mastery lvl or current lvl)  Pistol Gambit

Mission Xini             Player Y Nova (mastery lvl or current lvl)    Energy Syphon

                                Player Z Rhino (mastery lvl or current lvl)    Aura XY


Currently Equipped: Player-warframe, aura, lvl etc (from the one who is looking for a party)


-ingame, if you press Y u can't even tell which classes you play with.

(i get your idea of the avatars, but maybe there could be a line below the players name, showing the class...


like: [AVATAR] Askobin ---HP---HP---


       [AVATAR] PLAYER ---HP---HP---



and so on.


or like in many other rpgs, show the avatar, classes, hp, energy etc at the left side of the creen below your own warframe at the top. (ofc a possibility to hide it, but i would result in a better overview about the party you play with.)


-the icons are too small now, sometimes u cant even tell the mastery lvl



sady, i do not have a solid solution for the chat appearence.

-but my issue with the chat is that u have to have the chat open to read messages. 95% of the time u have it closed. because of that, you have to spam the clanchat even with 1000 members, that somebody might read your message.


-sometimes, you cannot send a private message to a player in friendlist, and you never can in clanlist using right click on playname. why? even with leftclick you should be able to send them a whisper...


-if you are in the squad chat section with lets say a party of 3 others, you can't rightclickt them to send them a private message.


-the same mechanics i miss ingame.


for example: if you are in a mission and 2 ppl wisper to you... you cannot click at the names to write them back, u have to write /w playername which is unnecessary and takes alot of time, even between waves in defence missions, this is an issue...


since there is already a switch in menus when opening the chat ingame (horrible english, i know, i hope u get it anyway)

i mean that you have your cursor and not your crosshair, why not put some chat options and choices in the chat window?


>like hide chat, mute player XY, ignore player XY, VOTEKICK) click on player xY to send private message or rightclick on a players name for opening the mute, ignore, whisper etc menu...


i hope the chat mechanics changes soon. its the only thing that wasn't rly touched by you since i started playing warframe and its the only thing i felt like needed change immediatly...


truly yours



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