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Lotus' Lines


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Recently I've been playing Warframe and I've noticed Lotus saying things that aren't really making sense:

-When on Corpus sabotage missions, she'll sometimes say something along the lines of 'Expect heavy patrols of Grineer'

-At the beginning of some defense missions, she'll say 'The enemy are at our doorstep', which is grammatically incorrect. It should be 'The enemy is at our doorstep' or 'The enemies are at our doorstep'. I suppose this is a bit nitpicky, but I feel like the Lotus making such a mistake doesn't fit the character of being the big mastermind directing the Tenno.

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Poetic license, my friend. Abused to hell, but it still applies

Poetic license is abandoning the conventional rules of language to make an effect, but in this case the effect it's making is that the Lotus can't form a proper sentence. They can have her say whatever the hell they want, but this drives me crazy at the beginning of defense missions.

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