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New Random Event Ideas


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I have to say, one feature I've really liked in Warframe is the fact that without any notice you can be forced to complete an entirely different objective or fighting a different faction from what you originally thought was going to be the case. It gives you that exhilaration and panicky feeling that you might not be able to complete the new task because you didn't come prepared for it, and I love it.


However, I feel like there could be many more Random Events added to the game, without adding a lot of content. One idea I had is a sort of 'escape' random event. Basically, you're going through your mission,  and all of the sudden you hear a massive explosion, the Lotus pops up and tells you that the ship or station has become unstable and you have to get to extraction in time. Pretty straightforward, wouldn't require much more added to the game other than the line from Lotus, and would add an ever-looming possibility that you may have to drop whatever you're doing and haul &#!.


Do you guys have any ideas for new random events?

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