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I think it would be great if in the next update there could be a way to trade between other players. Trading things from blueprints to resources to weapons. What do you guys think?


I think that we get around 5 of those topics every day.


Coming soon

as DE said on many livestreams before :P

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no, trading on such a level as that would ruin the game. DE has already planned for a clan vault to put resources and maybe something with turning  mods into a form of tokens to trade on the market for other mods, MAYBE

Tokens yes... any other form of trading no fing way.. if u think trading is a good idea well then ur 100% wrong.


here is why - 1 as a high level player i have 1k mods and most tbh are kinda rare.. because i dont tend to use rare super mods because it is not worth it.. i have like 5 split chambers 4 flows bunch of steams.. etc but if i were to sell these mods i could get so much plat.. and because of this all players will know that they can get plat with out buying it.. that would mean DE gets less sales. and then people who buy 8k plat (if that still happens) well they can pay to win... buy every single mod all warframes etc and just be done.. NOPE NOPE NOPE!

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I'm open to trading as long as it doesn't lead to RWT.

Alot of restrictions would have to be made.


Preferably I'd have it exclusive to trading mats, credits, and BPs.

Straight-up trading mods would hurt the game, maybe restrict it to level 0 mods.

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I don't really think trading between players will be a great idea. Now swapping items for other items in the shop would be good. I'm more referring to materials than blueprints or weapons, I do not see a point in trading something that you can buy from the shop for credits.

Since you cannot buy materials for credits (the game would be to easy to get everything if you could), I would suggest we be able to trade, say 1,000 nano spores for a control module or nuerode? If you look at the existing platinum prices in the shop, it balances out (10 platinum for a control module or 30 platinum for 3,000 nano spores).

I myself would be able to buy the the whole market with nano spores alone (132,000 and counting), but I love leveling my weapons and building others. I just don't like doing 10 hyena runs and not getting a single control module.

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