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Make Ancient Healer And Disruptor More Visually Distinct


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I am not sure if this is supposed to be a "challenge element" not knowing which ancient is which until you get up nice and close but I am not really liking it.

Can DE please at least tint the disruptor completely red, like it was prior to U9. I think there might have been a hotfix that tinted healers tentacles a bit but it is still to difficult to tell them apart.


I also have a problem with the hitboxes, the last model, hitting that fat boot was more obvious but now its a thin tentacle, it is less obvious and distinct as a target.

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I don't see this old appearance on them anymore. After a recent hotfix (9.3ish) I see a clear distinction between the two. Disruptors have glowing red tentacles on their head, while Healers have glowing green tentacles. Their overall body colors are slightly different now, too.





But your images are from the Warframe wikia as well, so have you even seen the new appearances for healers and disruptors in-game in the past few days? I think they're a lot better now than they were before.

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